Weekly Snap: Logstash, Unattended Upgrades & Update Alternatives

weekly snap9 – 13 September was packed with all sorts of tips from unattended upgrades and update-alternatives to Logstash developments and hosting tailored to start-ups.
Bernd gave us the latest developments in Logstash 1.2.x straight off his notes from his recent visit to PuppetConf and Georg introduced our special hosting services for start-ups.
For those who have been postponing the switch to Debian Wheezy, Stefan showed how to run an unattended upgrade and Michael how to run HP System Health Tools to monitor HP hardware on it.
Eric then shared a couple of sed commands to add spaces and line breaks for cleaner source code as Dirk demonstrated how the update-alternatives tool can be used for all sorts of software beyond Java.
Finally on events, Eva counted 50 days to the OSMC 2013 with Jean Gabès presentation on Shinken while Christian reminded interested participants to join our 2nd OpenNebula webinar.