Weekly Snap: From Using Jenkins & Magic Mouses, to Startup Weekend & Classes to Come

29 Aug – 2 Sep ended the summer break by announcing the coming course calendar, Startup Weekend dates and a few tips for using Jenkins and the Apple Magic Mouse.
Back to school, Markus opened our open source classroom doors once more. Important dates for the new term include: 13 – 15 September for ‘Configuration Management with Puppet‘ and 14 – 15 December for ‘SLA Reporting with Jasper’. The Nagios Availability Monitoring course is already booked out, so get onto our training centre quick to snap up your place while you can!
Georg then revealed the truth behind Apple’s Magic Mouse in everyday use. He pointed out common problems in using the mouse and how to deal with them. From getting the mouse to connect to the computer to speeding up the pointer speed and using external software like the “Better Touch Tool” add extra functions, Georg had the mouse all figured out.
Based on his own recent experience, Ansgar gave a comprehensive user guide to Jenkins as a Continuous Build Server for PHP projects. Starting from configuration with Jenkins Job Template for PHP Projects and useful plugins, he explained automation with an Ant Build script and distributed builds to give newbies all they need to set up their own Jenkins system.
Finally, Bernd got excited about the upcoming 3rd Startup Weekend in Nuremberg on 11 – 13 November. The event which sees companies established in the span of a weekend will be held at the new Coworking Nürnberg space this year. Once again, we will be supporting the Startup Weekend, and we look forward to a weekend full of ideas, socialising and hopefully a new company or two.

Weekly Snap: Training Dates, Siemens CEP CT3, an OTRS Project and a SQL Developer Release

11 – 15 October was packed with news from all sides of the office, from hardware and training course announcements, to a consulting project and a SQL Developer release.
From the consulting team, Birger shared his most recent project at the German Federal Bureau of Water and Shipping – an OTRS implementation to cover multiple locations with differing domains and user groups from one single ticketing system.
Hardware man Martin then bid his last Siemens TC35i goodbye and introduced its successor, CEP CT3. Running under the current Linux kernel, Windows (see shop for drivers) and Solaris, the modem tops its predecessor by offering a USB port and relevant accessories. With an external antenna, it is ideal for server racks with poor reception and thus a perfect USB GSM modem for sending SMS alerts from your monitoring system. Martin recommended teaming CEP CT63 GSM Terminal with Moxa NPort 6150 for smooth network integration.
Following on, Bernd forwarded news of the SQL Developer Early Adopter version release and its new features. Though he recommended MySQL Workbench for straight MySQL users, Bernd praised SQL Developer for its greater flexibility in enabling access to various databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2. In the Oracle realm new features included new profiling and tuning functions, a migration assistant, a data modeller for graphical ER models, as well as reverse engineering that also works with MySQL. For SQL beginners, a new visual query builder simplifies the process of creating SQL statements too. All in all after his tests, Bernd found no major bugs and gave the Early Adopter version the thumbs up.
From the events team, Manuela announced the upcoming training calendar to end 2010 and start 2011. Ending 2010 with ‘Puppet Configuration Management’ for beginners on 7 – 9 December, and kick starting 2011 with ‘Nagios SLA Reporting with Jasper’ on 29 – 30 February, ‘Nagios – Availability Monitoring’ rounds it all off on 21 – 24 March for the coming months. She guaranteed all interested participants restricted class sizes for greater individual attention and accommodation at the course hotel to allow for discussion and idea exchange, consolidating all that is learnt in and out of the class. For more information, visit our training centre: www.netways.de/training