Weekly Snap: Icinga Training, Testing with Selenium & Apprenticeships

13 – 17 February offered something from every corner of the office, from new apprenticeship openings and Icinga training courses to programming and time management tips.
Bernd began by calling out to aspiring apprentices to join our consulting and managed services teams.
Ansgar then tested Icinga Web with the help of Selenium IDE to deal with dynamic IDs and Gunnar shared his newest programming recommendation – Lua.
From the events team, Markus announced our next Icinga monitoring course in Dusseldorf on 19 – 23 March, while Pamela reminded early birds to hurry for their tickets to the OSDC on 25 -26 April.
Following on, Ronny alerted sys admins to dkim filters to a recent segfault error that has arisen in combination with libmilter 1.0.1 and versions before 8.14.4-1.
Tobias took on the issue of time management and IT work to close the week.