OSDC 2019: This is where the magic happens!

Once again the renowned Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC) will take place in Berlin, May 14 – 15, 2019.  Presentations can now be submitted via the conference website. This is your next chance to continue or start your career as conference speaker:

Take it!

Covering the entire range of Open Source software, the event’s objective is to outline state-of-the-art solutions and pioneering concepts to manage complex IT infrastructures.
As a speaker you can choose between three lecture formats:

  • Ignite talk: 5 minutes accompanied by 20 slides, 15 seconds each
  • Medium talk: 30 minutes talk including a Q&A session
  • Full talk: 45 minutes talk including a Q&A session

This is where the magic happens!

This is the chance to get on stage again and present your latest developments, best practices or research to your fellow colleagues! Haven’t spoken at a stage to more than 100 people before? No problem! Everything has a first time. Start with OSDC! Submit your talk on: osdc.de/submit-a-talk
We also have some news for attendees: Until December 31, 2018, you can get your Early Bird ticket. Tickets are available with or without accommodation on: osdc.de/tickets
OSDC gives developers, decision-makers, administrators and IT managers the chance to catch up on latest news and initiate future-oriented projects. Speakers and attendees will be invited to a casual evening event, where they can engage with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. More on: osdc.de

#OSDC | May 14 – 15, 2019 | Berlin

Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 Mitglied der NETWAYS Family. Vor ihrer Zeit in unserem Marketing Team hat sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene gearbeitet. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Privat widmet sie sich dem Klettern und ihrer Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin.


Only 16 days to go?
Time for you to speed up: Grab one of our popular Hackathon tickets and join the event on Nov 08!
It’s fun! You’ll start the day with a short round of introductions, then run a brainstorming session for possible topics in addition to these ones that we came up with so far:


Team up, accept the challenge, collaborate to find a solution, succeed!
Find all details at: osmc.de/hackathon


Taking place on Nov 08 the Hackathon directly follows OSMC’s lecture program. Be part of OSMC and round off your stay! Get your conference and add-on ticket here! We would be happy to see you soon at…

#OSMC | November 5 – 8, 2018 | Nuremberg

Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 Mitglied der NETWAYS Family. Vor ihrer Zeit in unserem Marketing Team hat sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene gearbeitet. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Privat widmet sie sich dem Klettern und ihrer Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin.

***Final call | Last Tickets for OSBConf now available***

If you don’t grab your ticket for the Open Source Backup Conference from September 25 – 26,  you will definetely miss:

  • two days together with members of the lovely open source community
  • in-depht workshops to gain valuable expertise (BAREOS Introduction, Puppet for BAREOS and Scripting BAREOS)
  • latest developments and technical background
  • strategic presentations
  • top class speakers such as Martin Loschwitz (T-Systems), Didac Oliveira (Brain Updaters, SSL), Dr. Stefan Vollmar (Max Planck Institute) and Maik Aussendorf (BAREOS GmbH&Co.KG)
  • empirical reports
  • best practices and case studies
  • a relaxed evening-event to get in touch with the other attendees

Don’t miss your last chance to attend the OSBConf 2017 in Cologne. We’re looking forward to welcome you in Cologne!

Vom Anfänger zum Puppet Profi in 5 Tagen

Geht nicht? Geht doch!Puppet Feb
Nämlich bei uns: Im Februar – genauer gesagt vom 15. bis 19. Februar – gibt es die beiden Fortgeschrittenen Kurse Puppet Practitioner und Puppet Architect direkt hintereinander. Das klingt doch nach der perfekten Möglichkeit, gleich am Anfang des Jahres einenen ordentlichen Fortschritt zu machen, was das eigene Know-How betrifft. Und das könnte schließlich auch bei der nächsten Gehaltsverhandlung ein super Argument sein 😉
Doch worum geht es da überhaupt?
Anfangs der Woche, in der Puppet Practitioner Schulung geht es hauptsächlich darum, in welchen Fällen man Puppet verwendet und wieso es so wichtig ist, dies auch ordentlich zu tun. Heißt im Klartext, wie man die eigene Infrastruktur verwalten und mit selbst entworfenen Modulen erweitern kann. Im Puppet Architect Kurs Ende der Woche liegt dann der Fokus darauf, von Grund auf eine eigene Puppet Umgebung aufzubauen und diese mit einer möglichst effizienten Architektur den eigenen Bedürfnissen anzupassen.
Und hört sich gut an? Dann nichts wie los und schnell anmelden, bevor die begehrten Plätze alle weg sind.

OSBConf 2015: Es ist 5 vor 12

Ja genau, es wird Zeit: Zeit sich noch eines der begehrten Tickets für die diesjährige Open Source Backup Conference on Bareos zu ergattern.
Von unserem Rundum-Sorglos Paket mit Übernachtung, besser bekannt als Buchungspaket Gold sind nämlich mittlerweile nicht mehr allzu viele zu haben. Sie kümmern sich lieber selbst um Ihre Übernachtung oder kommen direkt aus Köln? Dann zögern Sie nicht, sich eines unserer Silber Tickets zu sichern.
Auch in diesem Jahr bieten wir wieder den Hacking Workshop sowie die Bareos Introduction an. Und die sind sogar schon im Ticketpreis enthalten. Schnell anmelden lohnt sich dennoch: für die Workshops haben wir nur eine limitierte Anzahl von Plätzen!
Wenn Sie sich jetzt denken: nur noch wenige Tickets, sich beeilen, wozu überhaupt? Welchen Grund sollte es dafür geben? Ich glaube unser Programm sollte doch Grund genug sein, oder nicht?
Schließlich sind in diesem Jahr wieder ganz tolle Vorträge und Referenten mit von der Partie. Das Backup von VMware Snapshots mittels Bareos wird bei Phillip Storz, einem der Köpfe des Bareos-Projekts sowie Stephan Dühr, dem hauptverantwortlichen Developer des Plugins Thema sein. Sie halten den Vortrag nämlich zu zweit. Ein weiteres Highlight wird es sein, wenn Alberto Giménez, SysOps Engineer beim spanischen Systems Engineering Dienstleister CAPSiDE, erklären wird, wie man eine AWS Virtual Tape Library nutzt, um Bacula Backups lokal zu cachen und sogar auf S3 und Glacier zwischenzuspeichern. Außerdem werden in einer Live Demo git, salt und Bareos miteinander verknüpft: und zwar von keinem Geringeren als Marco Weiss, dem CEO der Kessler GmbH.
Und? Neugierig geworden? Dann sollten Sie allerspätestens jetzt das komplette Programm begutachten und dabei natürlich die Anmeldung zur OSBConf nicht vergessen.

OSB Conf and OSMC: Call for Papers and Early Bird are running!

Dear Readers,
time is running and it’s running so fast, that we have to remind you of two Call for Papers and Early Birds already! Open Source Backup Conference and Open Source Monitoring Conference are waiting for you to join them as speakers. And both are providing discounted tickets for early attendee registrations.
But let’s take one thing at a time!
Open Source Backup Conference on Bareos (OSB Conf)
Call for Papers: until June 6th 2015
Early Bird: until June 6th 2015
This conference is of course all about the important things you need to know, if you like to play it save. The Open Source Backup Conference on Bareos (former known as “Bacula Conference”) annually offers a whole lot of presentations about Open Source Backup (as you might have already guessed). Of course you can also meet nice people there who share your passion for a nice and well done backup.
The English speaking conference will take place in Cologne from September 29th to 30th and is organized by us and our wonderful partner dassIT.
If you like to apply as a speaker, this is the place you are looking for.
If you are more interested in taking part as an attendee, you have to register here.
Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC)
Call for Papers: until June 30th 2015
Early Bird: until June 30th 2015
Of course you already know one of the most beautiful conferences about open source monitoring! If not, you just have to visit us in Nuremberg for this year’s celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Open Source Monitoring conference!
Every year we welcome guests from all over the world to give them two fully packed days of interesting talks about one of our favorite topics: Open Source Monitoring Software – especially Icinga! On top of that, we offer workshops as an add-on. This year, we will also provide participation in a Hackathon for the very first time. So you can stretch your visit in our hometown from November 16th to 19th, if you like to.
If you like to apply as a speaker, this is the place you are looking for.
If you are more interested in taking part as an attendee, you have to register here.

Last Tickets for Puppet Camp Berlin available!

Baukasten_Seitenleiste_Puppet CampWe were sold out with gold packages at OSDC as quick as a wink  this time and I don’t see no reason, why we shouldn’t be sold out as fast as that with the Puppet Camp. So just to remind you: AT THE MOMENT there are tickets of all categories available but that could change literally every minute!
So if you’re clever, you will book your ticket really quick.
Just have a look at this phantastic program with speakers from CERN, Puppet Labs or Server Density if you still need something to convince you.

OSDC 2015: Last tickets available! Or: How to worry like a pro

If you are still waiting to buy your ticket to this year’s OSDC – for whatever reason – you should now start having sleepless OSDC Logo mit weißem Rand-66nights because the strictly limited tickets might sell out any day now.
You can skip the following paragraph, if having a sleepless night is not an option for you.
To give you some pro tips from somebody who really is an expert in insomnia: the perfect preparation for having a sleepless night is to start the day with panic-fueled running in circles thinking about all the catastrophes that will happen, if you don’t get your ticket yet. You should then pick one catastrophic scenario and start to embellish it in the most horrific way possible. Once this scenario has manifested as the only possible way things just have to evolve in the near future, you can spend the rest of the day worrying about all the possible ways people you love could die, because you haven’t bought your ticket in time. Like for example how your company will go bust, because you missed all the up to date information at OSDC that you will definitely need to do your job right and how that will mean, that you and all your colleagues will lose their jobs and then die slowly and painfully of hunger. By afternoon, you should be in a kind of paralysis already, laying in fetal position under your desk. In this stage of self-deprecation, you really can’t do anything wrong anymore – just go with the flow and worry even more until you finally – it should be morning again by then – come to the conclusion, that the world would be a better place, if you had never been born at all.
So this is the best possible preparation for having the worst sleepless night ever. But there are of course alternatives!
Like for example buying your ticket yet. You can, if you like to draw the process out a bit, have a look at the program first and read all about speakers like Nigel Kersten (Puppet Labs), Mitchell Hashimoto (Vagrant) or Kelsey Hightower (CoreOS). You could then toy with the notion of booking one of the workshops or maybe joining the Puppet Camp. But you can of course book your ticket right away too – just to make sure, that we are not sold out until you finally made a decision.

CeBIT 2015: Team Icinga in Hannover

TrapperCeBITVom 16. bis 20. März werden einige unserer Kollegen als Teil des Icinga-Teams bei der CeBIT sein. Wer jetzt schon weiß, dass er auf jeden Fall alle Neuigkeiten rund um Icinga, Icinga 2 und Icinga Web 2 aus erster Hand erfahren will, der sollte sich schleunigst mit einem Terminwunsch bei uns anmelden.
Einen klugen Lageplan gibt’s da auch zum Download.
Und wer jetzt denkt „Lageplan? Ich brauch doch keinen Lageplan! Als echter Trapper kann ich mich selbstverständlich anhand der Wuchsrichtung des Moses auf den Bäumen auf dem Messegelände orientieren!“ dem sei trotzdem noch als kleiner Hinweis mitgegeben, dass er nach Halle 6 Stand H16 (110) Ausschau halten soll.
Nicht nur für alte Trapper, die sich mit Jagdmesser zwischen den Zähnen, durch das hannoveranische Unterholz zum Messegelände kämpfen und unterwegs selbsterlegte Biber zu puscheligen Fellmützen verarbeiten, gibt es hier auch Freikarten.
Und nu?
Jagdflinte geschultert und ab durch den Mecklenheider Forst zur Messe Hannover!

Puppet Camp Duesseldorf: you’re bloody late!

Puppet Camp für Blog_125Yes, you are bloody late and I warned youtwo times… in German though, but if you really loved me, you would have learned German.
But, because I’m not a barbarian, I will warn you once again in the language of Sherlock Holmes, Queen Mary and Johnny Rotten: YOU HAVE TO REGISTER FOR PUPPET CAMP DUESSELDORF    N O W !!!
The thing is, that we will have the Puppet Camp on October 16th, which is pretty soon I guess for some reason without even looking at my calendar… and Luke Kanies, and a lot of other pretty awesome speakers will be there…
And just because we love you all so much (especially myself of course) we will give you the tickets for a bargain with 25% off. Even a former B-list celebrity who is living in a cardboard box under a bridge could afford the ticket now!
The ony thing you need to know to get the discount is how to read the post behind this link and how to fill in the code PuppetCampCheers! In the “additional notes” field if you register… and you should do this NOW, because the tickets are strictly limited, my friends! 🙂