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  2. You will miss totally 2 days in Berlin —The capital of OS Data Center Solutions!
  3. You will miss meeting 28 Super charged speakers all at one place.
  4. You will miss power puffed talks on new innovations and OS Data Center Solutions for complex IT infrastructures.
  5. You will miss the special evening event on 12 June with dinner and drinks with a spectacular view from 20th floor at PURO.
  6. You will miss socializing with cool open source community followers.
  7. You will miss amazingly tasty food!

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Keya Kher
Keya Kher
Marketing Manager

Keya ist seit Oktober 2017 in unserem Marketing Team. Sie kennt sich mit Social Media Marketing aus und ist auf dem Weg, ein Grafikdesign-Profi zu werden. Wenn sie sich nicht kreativ auslebt, entdeckt sie andere Städte oder schmökert in einem Buch. Ihr Favorit ist “The Shiva Trilogy”.  

OSDC 2018 – Get ready for Berlin!

Expect exciting discussions, an intensive exchange of experiences, inspiring encounters and great networking opportunities!
Spend two extraordinary summer days in Berlin, the capital of OS data center solutions! Check the 2018 conference agenda. And get an update on the OSDC speakers line-up!
OSDC is about catching up on the latest developments and initiating forward-looking projects. Meet developers, decision-makers, administrators, architects and of course the unique OS community. Benefit from the comprehensive experience of international OS experts and engage with a wide range of industry leaders.
We will kick off the conference with an informal get-together on the evening of June 11.
The two-day lecture-program on June 12 and 13 is composed of presentations on the latest research, findings and fresh approaches. Get updated on the latest developments in OS data center solutions and add on to your knowledge learning from Open Source enthusiasts from all over the world.
We are especially looking forward to the evening event on June 12. Enjoy dinner and drinks at PURO and enjoy the spectacular view over Berlin from the 20th floor. Take the opportunity to exchange experiences, pick up some new ideas and socialize with the community!
Have a cool time full of exciting discussions and inspiring encounters — GET YOUR TICKET NOW!
See you in Berlin on June 12 to 13!

Pamela Drescher
Pamela Drescher
Head of Marketing

Pamela hat im Dezember 2015 das Marketing bei NETWAYS übernommen. Sie ist für die Corporate Identity unserer Veranstaltungen sowie von NETWAYS insgesamt verantwortlich. Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Events ergibt sich aus dem Umstand heraus, dass sie vor ein paar Jahren mit Markus zusammen die Eventsabteilung geleitet hat und diese äußerst vorzügliche Zusammenarbeit nun auch die Bereiche Events und Marketing noch enger verknüpft. Privat ist sie Anführerin einer vier Mitglieder starken Katzenhorde, was ihr den absolut...

Icinga Camp Berlin 2018 – #Monitoringlove

We hope to see you on March 8, 2018 in the Capital of Germany, Berlin.
Traditionally, we start our Icinga Camp in 2018 with the Current State of Icinga.
Afterwards, there will be much more talks of community members and brilliant contributors. Don’t miss this unique day full of #Monitoringlove!
What awaits you: 

After the presentations, theres also enough time to discuss and of course to drink one or another G&T ? !
Just a few weeks left, so make sure to grab yout ticket before we run out of seats!

OSMC – Stay tuned – Hackathon

OSMC 2017 | The worldwide leading conference on open source monitoring solutions
November 21 to 24 | Nuremberg

In part 3 of the Blopgseries “OSMC – Stay tuned” we want to give you a short overview of the OSMC Hackathon on November 24:

We will start the day with a short round of introductions, then run a brainstorming session for possible topics. Afterwards the participants have the opportunity to form groups and work together on a specific solution. Most important however, is that no development orders are placed but rather a real implementation is elaborated.

What makes the OSMC unique?
The bilingual conference focuses on the latest trends and developments on open source monitoring solutions and offers a unique opportunity to meet the open source community and to gain valuable expertise. The conference offers Interesting talks with a real benefit for the attendees, as well as hands-on workshops to expand your knowledge and monitoring know- how.
Due to the great success in the past two years, we are again offering a hackathon, which is bookable as an add-on.

We’re very excited and would be happy to welcome you in November!

And now, have a look at “Alerting with Time Series” by Fabian Reinartz!


Open Source Backup Conference – Call for Papers is now open!

  1. Your special field is doing backup based on open source software like AMANDA, BAREOS, BACULA, REAR etc.?
  2. There’s an experience or some latest developments you’d like to share with other open source freaks?
  3. You want to visit Cologne?
  4. You have nothing planned from September 25 to September 26?

Congratulations! Best conditions to become a speaker at the Open Source Backup Conference 2017!
Until May 31, interested speakers are welcome to submit their proposals for a talk via cfp form. We’re searching for technical talks with a real benefit for our participants such as latest developments related to BAREOS and BACULA, user experiences, case studies, best practices and tools.
The English-speaking conference offers the ideal platform to gain latest know how and to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments on open source backup software.
Besides the presentations, there are three hands-on workshops and a relaxed evening event on September 25.
Meet the open source community and be part of the OSBConf in Cologne!
For those who want to join the OSBConf as a participant, the early bird tickets are also available until the end of May! You want to support the OSBConf? Have a look at our sponsoring opportunities.

Highly exciting, informative and unique: Programme for OSDC 2017 is fixed!

After the successful Call for Papers for the Open Source Data Center Conference, we proved a multitude of great proposals and created the thematic areas.
Amongst others, we’re happy to welcome

• Mathias Meyer | Travis CL | Build the Home of Open Source testing, Without Datacenter
• Seth Vargo | HashiCorp |Taming the Modern Data Center
• Mandi Walls | Chef | Building Security Into Your Workflow with InSpec
• James Shubin | RedHat | MGMT Config: Autonomous systems
• Casey Callendrello | CoreOS | The evolution of the Container Network Interface
• Monica Sarbu | Elastic | Collecting the right data to monitor you infrastructure

… and much more.
We’re happy to welcome all these top-class speakers in Berlin.
In addition to the speeches, there are three workshops on the topics „Graylog – Centralized Log Management“, „Mesos Marathon – Orchestrating Docker Containers“ and „Terraform – Infrastructure as Code“.
In the evening of the second conference day, we invite all attendees to our special evening event in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Take some drinks and enjoy the buffet including various culinary delights. In this casual setting, you have the opportunity to meet other attendees or speakers.
Don’t miss the OSDC, it will be great! 

OSDC 2016 – Program online!

osdc_aktuelles_Konfbanner_registerDear family and friends of the Open Source Data Center Conference,
We are proud to announce this year’s conference program! The thematic focus of the event are Infrastructure as Code | Containers and Databases | Tools & Infrastructure
The opening keynote will be held by Dawn Foster talking about “Open Source: A Job and an Adventure“. Dawn is is a PhD student at the University of Greenwich and a consultant at The Scale Factory in London. She spent the past 20 years working at companies like Puppet Labs, Intel, Jive Software. She has expertise in community building, open source software, metrics and is passionate about bringing people together through a combination of online communities and real-world events along with analyzing the data associated with participation in developer and open source communities. Dawn has spoken at dozens of industry events, including many Linux Foundation events, OSCON, SXSW, FOSDEM and many more.
All background information on this year’s speakers as well as a brief abstract to each talk is available on our speakers’ section of the OSDC website.
Do not forget to get your workshop ticket as soon as possible since seats are limited. Conference attendance is available with or without accommodation – choose the ticket which suits your individual needs best!

Pamela Drescher
Pamela Drescher
Head of Marketing

Pamela hat im Dezember 2015 das Marketing bei NETWAYS übernommen. Sie ist für die Corporate Identity unserer Veranstaltungen sowie von NETWAYS insgesamt verantwortlich. Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Events ergibt sich aus dem Umstand heraus, dass sie vor ein paar Jahren mit Markus zusammen die Eventsabteilung geleitet hat und diese äußerst vorzügliche Zusammenarbeit nun auch die Bereiche Events und Marketing noch enger verknüpft. Privat ist sie Anführerin einer vier Mitglieder starken Katzenhorde, was ihr den absolut...

Weekly Snap: OSMC Speakers, Ceph & OpenNebula, PHP Array Filters

weekly snap21 – 25 July announced the OSMC speaker lineup, summer hardware specials and offered tips for developers, packagers and sys admins alike.
Beginning with events, Eva counted 127 days to the OSMC with Bernd’s talk on “Log and Event Management” and announced the lineup of speakers to come.
Achim then explained how to integrate Ceph Datastore into OpenNebula using CephX for authentication as Christian held a webinar with Michael on Icinga 2.
Johannes continued onto part 4 of his PHP SPL series with improved array filters while Dirk shared part 2 of his guide to RPM packaging by explaining the spec file.
Finally, hardware guru Georg peddled our store’s summer specials – get them while stocks last!

Weekly Snap: AKCP videos and Mule buses, Linux Tag and OSDC speeches

12 – 16 April introduced our new systems management bus based on Mule ESB, e-learning videos for the AKCP securityProbe product range and speakers for both the Linux Tag and Open Source Data Center Conference coming up.
To begin, Bernd tipped off the first version of our systems management bus based on Mule ESB ready at netways.org for download. Complete with libraries, Javadoc, Mule configs and an installation guide, this first version can send status and performance data from one or multiple remote systems to the Master as well as commands to the satellites
Meanwhile, Martin shared the latest hardware news – AKCP securityProbe e-learning videos are now available on their refurbished website. Covering the web interface, device and notification configuration, the videos make for easy to understand instruction guides.
Manuela came in to spread the word on the most important Linux meeting across Europe –Linux Tag, on 9 -12 June in Berlin. With a focus on professional and government applications of open source, security and cloud computing, our three speakers Michael (on Puppet and Subversion), Julian (on Nagios and Icinga) and Bernd (on a mix of data centre tools) fit in well.
She then continued to give us a peek into the program at the Open Source Data Center Conference on 23-24 June. Introducing Christian Horn (T-Systems), Maciej Dobrzanski (Percona. Inc) and Marc Grimme (Open Sharedroot Project), topics to be covered include Cobbler for rapid network installations, MySQL scaling in practice and Open Sharedroot Project – a comprehensive cluster solution offering a high availability, easy to administer single system image environment for Linux. Check out the other speakers and presentations at www.netways.de/osdc/!