Weekly Snap: New NagiosForge, Remote Desktops Compared & SOSOCON Postponed

22 – 26 November introduced our new platform for Nagios Forge projects, compared remote desktop software and forwarded news of the SOSOCON postponement.
Julian passed on an announcement by Heise, that the Software Solutions Conference (SOSOCON) has been postponed. Intended to follow the OSMB (Open Source Meets Business) conference, a new date has yet to be made known.
He also shared a comparison of remote desktop software, courtesy of open-factory.org and remotedesktopmac.com. Solutions vary in more than just their applications, protocol or operating systems, and even commercial products can fall short of their free counterparts. So it is worth a look at the table that places more than 60 of them side by side.
Last but not least, Bernd announced NagiosForge’s new address: forge.monitoringexchange.org. All projects can be found there just as before, including the renowned Business Process Addons, NagTrap and many more extensions from the community. Business Process Addons is now also available on its own sub-domain: bp-addon.monitoringexchange.org. New projects are always welcome and we hope to improve the platform’s integration and functionality in the near future. Next year will also bring new developments on MonitoringExchange.org so keep your eyes peeled!