Weekly Snap: HTTP 2.0 & Supertab, FlossUK & RootCamp Berlin

weekly snap11 – 15 March brought us HTTP 2.0 and vim tips, thoughts on monitoring and event reminders for three just around the corner – FlossUK, OSDC and RootCamp Berlin.
Eva counted 37 days to the OSDC with Thomas’ presentation on Puppet in data centers.
Bernd shared an animated gif of one of our NETWAYS team, before announcing his mid-week trip to Newcastle for the FlossUK conference where he’ll be presenting on Icinga & OpenNebula. He went on to meditate on the future of monitoring and peddle tickets for RootCamp Berlin on 24-25 May.
Jannis gave us a sneak peek into HTTP 2.0 while Achim explained vim text completion with the help of Supertab.
Finally, Julian shared an eloquent quote by Carlo Piana on the costs of migrating to Free Software.

Weekly Snap: RootCamp & RVM for Ruby, Puppet Webinar & PDB++ for Python

weekly snap7 – 11 January was packed with events from the upcoming RootCamp, OSDC and a Puppet webinar to the first company ski trip, plus Python and Ruby tips to boot.
Eva explained unconferences, barcamps and what is to be expected at RootCamp on 24-25 May in Berlin. She also counted down 100 days to the OSDC 2013 with Olivier Renault’s ‘Introduction to Eucalyptus’.
More on events, Martin announced the first German language Puppet webinar on 24 January while Vanessa shared photos from our first Netways skiing trip.
Ronny then reminded us to manage Ruby and gem updates with RVM and Johannes recommended pdb++ for Python debugging.
To close the week, Christian shared good news that Teltonika ModemUSB5/10 now comes with an x64 driver for Windows.

Weekly Snap: OSMC & Puppet Camp, AutoHotkey & NSClient++

28 May – 1 June shared nifty ideas for development, ticketing, Windows monitoring and hotkeys, as well as a couple events to look forward to.
Ronny started by looking at the latest from AutoHotkey and Christian recommended his best ticket system for business.
Gunnar then explained test-driven development and how it reduces the need to debug, while Birger discovered a discarded traffic light that could have been handy as an Icinga/Nagios alerter .
Phillip followed with Part 6 of his NSClient ++ blog series, offering a guide to monitoring various file attributes such as size, age and version.
Lastly, Eva counted down 149 days to OSMC 2012 with a video of a presentation by Christopf Siess – “A Performance Comparison of Nagios Monitoring Solutions”.
She also reflected on RootCamp Berlin 2012 and looked ahead to the Puppet Camp coming to Nuremberg in October, in time for the OSMC. We welcome you to combine the two and join us!