Weekly Snap: Pyinotify, OpenLDAP & Birger's Sabbatical

11 – 15 June counted down to the OSMC and Birger’s sabbatical, but also shared a few tips on databases replication, working in VIM and a python library worth looking into.
Eva counted 128 days down to the OSMC 2012 with a video of Jens Schanz’s presentation on “Monitoring at Mueller Ltd. & Co.KG” and introduced the workshops on the conference eve.
While Dirk had fun with Pyinotify, Markus gave a quick tip on brightening the syntax in VIM, and Lennart shared his on what he dubbed N-way master replication for OpenLDAP.
Bound for his yearlong sabbatical, Birger bid farewell and started his “Birger Sabbatical” blog series. We wish him all the best!