OSDC 2015: Thank you and see you again!

This year’s Open Source Data Center Conference has been a big success! With about
170 attendees from 12 countries we had one of the biggest and most international conferences so far.
We like to thank our sponsoring partners for their support!
Thomas Krenn and Linux Magazin are backing us and our conferences from the very beginning on and were of course part of this year’s OSDC   again.
Linux und TK-Kombi
We hope you all took the chance to visit Thomas Krenn at their booth and read a lot of issues of LINUX Magazin.
We are also very proud to welcome Attingo Data Rescue and ADMIN Magazine as two new partners and are looking forward to work with them again at future events.
Attingo und ADMIN Kombi
Maybe you already visited Attingo at their booth at the conference or read one of the ADMIN Magazines we distributed.
And of course we like to thank our speakers and attendees! It has been a pleasure to welcome you at the event! We hope to see you again at OSDC 2016!

Weekly Snap: PRIMERGY Solutions & New Noma, BP-Cronk and LConf Releases

6 – 10 December handed out a few monitoring addon gifts for Christmas and promised one more for the Fujitsu server family.
Bernd reported from his visit to the PRIMERGY Solution Briefing in Augsberg which gathered server specialists from across Germany. Thanks to a long-standing partnership with Fujitsu Technology Services, NETWAYS had the opportunity to contribute a presentation introducing the current plugin check_fujitsu_primergy and the integration of iRMC cards. Both can be found in our demo system, open to all. To top it off, he promised a new plugin in progress for the Eternus series which will be released at the year’s end.
In the same spirit of giving, Jannis laid out a bunch of new monitoring tool releases under the NETWAYS Christmas tree: NoMa 1.0.6, LConf for Icinga 1.0.1 and BP-Cronk 1.0.1. Alongside bug fixes, the latest version of NoMa (Notification Manager) features new filter capabilities. So rules can now be set with host groups as well as hosts and services, saving time and sanity. LConf for Icinga brings an optimized directory information tree that automatically unfolds to show changes made and accepts common keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-C for copy) too. Finally, the latest Icinga Web cronk for Business Process Addons improved the configuration parser and made saving new configs more intuitive. All are available to download at netways.org or the Git with season’s greetings from the development team.