Weekly Snap: LConf 1.3, InGraph, Auto Discovery & Devops

22 – 26 October released LConf 1.3, introduced the InGraph web interface, and contributed an article on auto discovery and an opinion on devops.
Most exciting of all, Jannis released the faster, better and prettier LConf 1.3 for Icinga and Nagios LDAP based configuration.
Also from our dev team, Alexander gave us part 2 of the ultimate guide to InGraph, with a little tour of the features in the user interface as Marcus reflected on his apprenticeship in systems integration.
On events, Eva thanked the sponsors that helped make OSMC possible while Bernd reported back from the Nuernberg Web Week that we supported.
Bernd finished a busy week with an article contribution to Admin Magazine on auto discovery (available both in German and English) as well as his opinion on what devops is and isn’t.