Weekly Snap: OSMC 2012 & Puppet Camp plus InGraph Guide

15-19 October brought us the OSMC 2012 and Puppet Camp with photos aplenty, plus an InGraph guide and photos from Birger to boot.
Eva finished her countdown with Jan Doberstein’s presentation on “Monitoring ‘wer kennt wen’ with Free and Open Source Software” before kicking off the OSMC 2012 and intensive workshops.
At OSMC half time, she shared a couple of photos from the first day, squeezing in the obligatory Segway shot. Impressions from the medieval dinner and drinks with LED juggling soon followed, and by then it was time set the stage for Puppet Camp.
In between Marius showed us how to install InGraph as part one of his ultimate guide to the performance graphing addon, and Birger sent us his first happy snaps from down under, upon touchdown in Sydney on his sabbatical.

Weekly Snap: iOS6 Passbook for OSMC & a Teltonika Model Deal

8 – 12 October offers up the OSMC for the new iOS6 Passbook app, a hardware special and some praise for the German train provider Deutsche Bahn.
Eva began with her countdown – 9 days to the OSMC 2012  and shared Roland Huß’ presentation on Nagios Java Monitoring with Jmx4Perl and Jolokia.
Also in preparation of the event, Bernd put the case forward for the new Passbook app in iOS6 and took the opportunity to set up two QR codes for both the OSMC and PuppetCamp.
Georg announced a new offer for the Teltonika Modem USB/E10, while Ronny applauded Deutsche Bahn’s customer information system in dealing with train accidents and the ensuing complications.

Weekly Snap: Synergy, Braintower, TypeScript & Csync2

1-5 October started the month with tips on mouse and keyboard sharing, a new JavaScript language and a whole lot on monitoring.
Georg announced a new €599 deal on the Braintower SMS Gateway for Nagios and Icinga, while Lennart showed how to create a monitoring cluster with csync2.
Continuing on the monitoring theme, Eva counted 16 days to the OSMC 2012 with Michael Lübben’s presentation on SLA Reporting. She went on to arrange extra rooms for those who hoped to defy the ticket sell-out, and offer up the last few spots in the Icinga workshop.
Finally, Marcus recommended Synergy to share keyboard and mouse between multiple screens and Gunnar played with TypeScript, a new static JavaScript based language.

Weekly Snap: Planning Poker, Plugin Problems & PuppetConf

24 – 28 September was another full week featuring Nagios plugins, Planning Poker, Chrome and three conferences.
In typical Monday tradition, Eva counted 23 days to the OSMC 2012 – this time with Jean Gabes’ presentation on Shinken.
Following on the monitoring theme, Dirk looked at the Nagios plugin development guidelines and the typical mistakes made when writing plugins.
Ronny then explained how to make the most of Chrome’s integrated Windows login while Alexander played Planning Poker.
On the conference circuit, Thomas offered his impressions from PuppetConf 2012 in San Francisco and Bernd shared a thank you note from the Debian Conference 2012 in Nicaragua we sponsored from afar.
Finally, Birger made his final preparations for his sabbatical in Sydney.

Weekly Snap: PuppetConf, Bacula-Web, EventDB & Check_Open_Problems Plugin

17-21 September covered all our usual topics, from sys admin and developer tips to monitoring tools and talks – with travels to North America thrown in.
As usual, Eva counted down 30 days to the OSMC 2012; this time with Ronny Trommer’s presentation on the status quo of OpenNMS.
Martin then recommended Bacula’s latest web GUI version 5.2.10 and Eric played with VirtualBox command line tools, opening guest applications from his host system.
While Bernd, Julian and Tom looked ahead to next week’s PuppetConf in San Franscisco, Vanessa already sent home happy snaps from her language course in Vancouver.
On the monitoring front, Markus introduced EventDB for event monitoring with Icinga and Thomas put together a new check_open_problems plugin, inspired by our customer Perdata. Both are available on our git.netways.org and Monitoring Exchange.