Weekly Snap: SOAP architecture, OSDC to OSMC and Schorsch’s latest

12 – 16 July looked at SOAP architecture, reflected on the OSDC and reported on apprenticeship happenings.
As promised, Bernd started his SOAP vs. REST series, with a look at the architecture of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Unfortunately not so simple, the XML protocol deals with the structure of messages and not the transmission. Compared to REST it needs defined interfaces and namespaces to function properly in large environments with diverse services. This XML overhead makes transmitting large amounts of data particularly slow. On the other hand, SOAP’s advantage lies in the accuracy it demands, as services have to be designed to answer specific requests, eliminating inconsistencies. Its ability to aggregate complex transactions and structure in a message makes it best suited to highly complex needs.
Following on, our apprentice Schorsch gave us his latest update. In sponsorship of the Linux user group and Bernd Stroessenreuther, Schorsch had a chance to set up a new XEN –VM, its volume and network with VLANS and DNS, install FAI and of course integrate it into our Nagios monitoring.
Finally, Manuela made a formal farewell to the 2nd Open Source Data Center Conference, with a few thanks, reflections and images. In particular she noted contributions from Baron Schwartz (MySQL and InnoDB Performance) and Dr. Hendrik Schöttle (Legal Pitfalls in the Data Center), pointing to the presentation slides for all speakers and Linux Magazin Video Archive for participants to access. In the same breath, she invited all to the Open Source Monitoring Conference on Nagios coming up on 6 -7 October – this time with a new day long workshop, ‘Nagios SLA Reporting with Jasper’ on the conference eve. We hope to see you there!

Weekly Snap: OSDC countdown, RT in Computerwoche, Nagios Community Workshop and Icinga

31 May – 4 June started the new month with speeches and articles galore. From the OSDC 2010 to the Nagios Community Workshop and Computerwoche, Julian took a look back and Manuela a look forward.
Manuela started the countdown to the Open Source Data Center Conference 2010 on 23 – 24 June. Amongst folding folders, she got keyed up about speeches from Jens Mücke of XING, on “Growing in Web Environments”, Dr. Hendrik Schöttle of Osborne / Clarke on “Legal Pitfalls in the Data Center – Data Privacy, Content Liability, Spam and Email Filtering” and hands-on workshops by Volker Lendecke (Active Directory with Samba4) and Jens Link (IPv6). A few places a still up for grabs so get in quick.
Continuing with events, Julian reported from the Nagios Community Workshop hosted by Nagios-Portal which was held this year in Nuremberg at qSkills. Thanks to its proximity, a good bunch of our team could be there to enjoy the interesting speeches that went beyond standard Nagios monitoring. Shinken, Merlin, LiveStatus, jmx4perl and even Bernd made an appearance with a speech on the latest developments in Icinga.
There he shared the most recent highlights including Icinga’s translation project into 20+ languages, it comprehensive docs and dynamic web interface. Of most note, Bernd announced Icinga Reporting for the first time. Through the integration of Jasper Reporting libraries, Icinga can generate reports quickly for all supported databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. The files are already available in the Icinga Git repository, and will be integrated into the new web interface with docs in the coming weeks.
Finally, Julian shared a bit of the limelight too, announcing his short article on Request Tracker recently published in Computerwoche. Beyond the usual little helpers that are usually introduced in the Cool Tools column, Request Tracker enables a complete, ITIL compatible helpdesk to be set up. Have a read here.

Open Source Data Center Conference 2010 … nur noch 23 Tage …

Der Countdown läuft.. es sind nur noch 23 Tage bis es am 23. + 24. Juni 2010 wieder heißt “Open Source thinking large”. Wir sind mitten in den Vorbereitungen und falten schon wieder fleißig Mappen – und damit wir noch mehr falten können wünschen wir uns noch mehr Teilnehmer!
Es sind noch letzte Plätze verfügbar!
Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf ein bunt gemischtes Vortragsprogramm, das durch spannende Hands-on Workshops ergänzt wird. Volker Lendecke wird interessierten Teilnehmern die notwendigen Schritte zeigen, die zu einem Windows 7 in einer Samba4-AD-Domäne führen. Jens Link wiederum wird aufbauend auf seinen Vortrag “Einführung in IPv6” in dem nachfolgenden Workshop den Teilnehmern die ersten Schritte in der IPv6 Welt erleichtern. Die Laptops der Teilnehmer werden IPv6 fähig gemacht und einige Dienste, wie z.B. Bind und OpenSSH, konfiguriert.
Mit Spannung erwarten wir auch den Vortrag von Jens Mücke von der Firma XING, der  zum Thema “Growing in web environment” aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern wird! Auf der OSDC wir er über die Entwicklung von XING sprechen und darüber, wie alles mit hauptsächlich Open Source Lösungen und mit nur einem Server startete und heute mit mehr als 300 Servern Xing eines der größten Business Netzwerke weltweit geworden ist!
Auch Dr. Hendrik Schöttle von der Wirtschaftskanzlei Osborne & Clarke wird uns ein wichtiges und interessantes Thema Nahe bringen: mit dem Vortrag “Rechtliche Fallstricke im Rechenzentrum – Datenschutz, Haftung für Inhalte, Spam und E-Mail-Filterung” wird er uns interessante Aspekte u.a. zu aktuellen Diskussionen um Datenschutzstandards beim Betrieb eines Rechenzentrums bieten.
Wir freuen uns auf eine tolle Konferenz! Wir freuen uns auf SIE!

Weekly Snap: AKCP videos and Mule buses, Linux Tag and OSDC speeches

12 – 16 April introduced our new systems management bus based on Mule ESB, e-learning videos for the AKCP securityProbe product range and speakers for both the Linux Tag and Open Source Data Center Conference coming up.
To begin, Bernd tipped off the first version of our systems management bus based on Mule ESB ready at netways.org for download. Complete with libraries, Javadoc, Mule configs and an installation guide, this first version can send status and performance data from one or multiple remote systems to the Master as well as commands to the satellites
Meanwhile, Martin shared the latest hardware news – AKCP securityProbe e-learning videos are now available on their refurbished website. Covering the web interface, device and notification configuration, the videos make for easy to understand instruction guides.
Manuela came in to spread the word on the most important Linux meeting across Europe –Linux Tag, on 9 -12 June in Berlin. With a focus on professional and government applications of open source, security and cloud computing, our three speakers Michael (on Puppet and Subversion), Julian (on Nagios and Icinga) and Bernd (on a mix of data centre tools) fit in well.
She then continued to give us a peek into the program at the Open Source Data Center Conference on 23-24 June. Introducing Christian Horn (T-Systems), Maciej Dobrzanski (Percona. Inc) and Marc Grimme (Open Sharedroot Project), topics to be covered include Cobbler for rapid network installations, MySQL scaling in practice and Open Sharedroot Project – a comprehensive cluster solution offering a high availability, easy to administer single system image environment for Linux. Check out the other speakers and presentations at www.netways.de/osdc/!

Weekly Snap: CSS2 floats to AKCP converters, OSDC & NETWAYS Jobs

29 Mar – 3 Apr: sprang over Easter with CSS floating style, industrial sensor converters, OSDC early bird reminders, NETWAYS jobs and an April special for Nagios/Icinga voice notification services.
The development team kicked off with Marius’ CSS2 tip for floating page layouts. First in ‘clearfix’, inserting a ‘clear’ after a float, second with ‘overflow:hidden|auto’ for a new display context. This ensures that the ‘clear’ doesn’t creep into the entire page, staying in the desired area automatically without needing to create strange margins.
On the monitoring front we reflected on the March project of the month, while Martin showed us how to integrate third-party sensors for those tricky industrial monitoring needs. From temperature sensors for pipelines or outdoors, to absolute pressure measurement and CO ² sensors – all these industrial sensors can be converted into electricity or voltage so their results can be transmitted over long distances to an AKCP sensorProbe2 which then forwards them on via SNMP to any monitoring software such as Nagios and Icinga.
Following on, Manuela reminded early birds to snap up the last ticket specials for the OSDC coming up on 23 – 24 June, while Karo announced our search for 3 new enthusiastic professionals to join the NETWAYS team. Project managers, Linux consultants and bookkeepers are welcome to apply, as are any would-be apprentices for software development.
Of course, no April could begin without a fool on the 1st day of the month – check out the newest voice notification services we’re offering through our partner call center in India and enjoy!

Weekly Snap: Hwg-STE & Starface updates, consulting & OSDC early bird rates

Mar 8 – 12 offered updates for HW group network thermometers and Starface checks, a few reflections on consulting work and a reminder to early birds to join the OSDC soon.

Hardware man Martin announced the latest firmware for HW group Hwg-STE network thermometers, version 1.12, with improved stability, a graphing feature and an online demo to boot. Meanwhile Birger tipped off the updated check_starface.pl for version 4 of Starface’s voice appliance, available under GPL at monitoringexchange.org and netways.org.

Birger then shared a little about himself, his views on open source entering the mainstream and his consulting work at NETWAYS. From large scale monitoring at Bosch to high tech television monitoring at Deutsche Welle, Birger reflected that the variety and freedom to create concepts for different customers was what he enjoyed most. To support, he added a few photos from his recent consulting trip to Stryker in Duisburg where medical tech met monitoring and hearty pork knuckles.

From the events team, Manuela reminded us that the early bird catches the discount for the Open Source Data Center Conference. From the 23rd to 24th of June exciting presentations not to be missed include Baron Schwartz on Optimizing MySQL and InnoDB Performance, Florian Haas on High Availability and Storage Replication and Michael Schlenzka on Delivering New, Powerful Reporting Solutions with Open Source Business Intelligence. Not to mention the guarantee that football fans will be catered for when Germany takes on Ghana- there’s no reason not to book early.

Open Source Data Center Conference 23./24.Juni 2010 – jetzt noch Frühbucher nutzen!

Bereits zum zweitem Mal findet in Nürnberg vom 23. – 24. Juni 2010 die Open Source Datacenter Conference statt. Die Konferenz zum Einsatz von Open Source Lösungen in Rechenzentren und großen IT-Umgebungen konnte bereits bei der Premiere im April 2009 über 80 begeisterte Anwender und Referenten nach Nürnberg locken. Auch für 2010 erwartet uns ein spannendes Vortragsprogramm u.a. mit:

Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort auf der Konferenzwebsite http://www.netways.de/osdc noch zum attraktiven Frühbucherpreis möglich!
PS: Das Fußball WM Spiel Deutschland – Ghana am 23. Juni 2010 kann bei  Interesse verfolgt werden! 😉