Weekly Snap: WebEx and Lanmap tips with a stable NETWAYSGrapherV2 release

19 – 23 April survived volcanic ash clouds, shared a network discovery tool and released a stable NETWAYSGrapher V2 2.0.0.
With two events affected by volcano Eyjafjalla, Bernd contemplated channel swimming over to the Open Source Specialist Group in London. Luckily he managed to make his speech at the Open Source in Telecommunications event with help of a nice little web conference provider known as WebEx.
Julian also shared a little tip– a network discovery and ‘mapping’ tool called Lanmap2 for network administrators. By simply sitting on the network and passively listening to data exchange and generation, the tool can create a picture of the machines and services that exist. Julian notes however, that as a passive program Lanmap2 can only work on switch networks when the switch port is on monitoring mode.
Heralding from the developer team, Eric announced the stable release of NETWAYSGrapherV2 2.0.0. Beside minor bug fixes, the latest release brings a few big changes: the graphing component has been switched from Flash to Java script, the back end revamped to incorporate optimized default settings and revised MySQL procedures, and the installation routine has been improved to run easily as an Apache subdirectory. Last but not least, the perfect library has been found – Flot, which offers the Grapher simple operation, flexible options, interaction and plugin extensibility. Check it out on www.netways.org.