Weekly Snap: OwnCloud, Puppet Webinar in German & Joining the OSDC

weekly snap21 – 25 January introduced more of our team, cloud storage for the home, the first online Puppet class in German, and 5 ways join the OSDC and OSMC fee-free.
Matthias recommended OwnCloud for all the benefits of cloud storage on your home server while Martin reminded us to join the first German language Puppet webinar.
Christian, our Account Manager introduced himself, just as Christmas arrived for our team (a little late, but well worth the wait) – with iPad and Nexus tablets for all.
Finally, Eva counted 86 days to the OSDC with Christopher Kunz’ presentation on “CA Failures and the Future of Web Authentication” and Bernd explained how to join both the OSDC and OSMC for free.

Tablets für Alle – Zeit ist es geworden!

Nach einigen Wochen Lieferzeit sind nun die letzten Tablets bei uns eingetroffen. Gleich nach dem Standup erfolgte dann die Ausgabe und so haben wir mit iPad (Black and White) und Nexus auch die Android-Fans passend zur Zielgruppe bedienen können. Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Tablets für Alle

Wir suchen übrigens noch Verstärkung 🙂

Bernd Erk
Bernd Erk

Bernd ist Geschäftsführer der NETWAYS Gruppe und verantwortet die Strategie und das Tagesgeschäft. Bei NETWAYS kümmert er sich eigentlich um alles, was andere nicht machen wollen oder können (meistens eher wollen). Darüber hinaus startet er das wöchentliche Lexware-Backup und investiert seine ganze Energie in den Rest der Truppe und versucht für kollektives Glück zu sorgen. In seiner Freizeit macht er mit sinnlosen Ideen seine Frau verrückt und verbündet sich dafür mit seinem Sohn.

Weekly Snap: CeBIT slides, AUFS data migration & OSDC iPad grabs

7 – 11 March returned from the CeBIT with presentation slides, a tip for data migration and a crazy OSDC iPad special.
Once back from the CeBIT, Julian shared his presentation on “IT Service Management with Open Source” with all. For an overview of the most important ITSM tools from the open source world for Incident & Problem Management, Event Management, Operations Management, Service Desk and CMDB, check out the slides.
Sebastian followed with a tip for data migration: AUFS (Another UnionFS). He sees it as an alternative to the popular rsync, which requires the source file system to be taken offline or set to read-only during the syncing process. AUFS on the other hand is an ‘overlay file system’ which enables the writing of read-only media such as CD-ROMs. Sebastian gave an example of a cluster with min. 2 nodes for uninterrupted data migration. Pre-requisite for AUFS is a kernel with AUF support, often packaged for distributions such as Debian.
Lastly, Manuela announced a special OSDC + iPad offer. Dubbed “Package i”, the first 30 registrations receive alongside 2 days of open source knowledge and 2 nights accommodation at the conference hotel, an iPad equipped with 32GB and wi-fi. With a focus on “Automated Systems Management”, OSDC speakers include Ken Barber of Puppet Labs (Advanced Puppet Topics), Prof. Stefan Edlich (NoSQL in the Cloud: Patters, Architecture and Experiences) and Bernd Erk (Icinga – Enterprise Open Source Monitoring). Register quick to score yourself 2 informative days and an iPad to boot!