Weekly Snap: Debian v6.0, MySQL Features, Jasper Training & Cloud Expo Europe

7 – 11 February got excited about the new Debian v6.0 release, new features in MySQL 5.5 and the upcoming Jasper Reporting training course – not to mention Julian’s visit to the Cloud Expo Europe.
Julian celebrated the release of Debian v 6.0 (codenamed Squeeze) and its wealth of new packages and software versions. As annouced by the Debian release team, these included Apache 2.2.16, PHP 5.3.3, MySQL 5.1.49 and Asterisk, but also the latest Nagios and now Icinga too. “Technical preview” GNU/kFreeBSD was introduced, allowing Debian to be booted with a FreeBSD kernel.
He then went on to share his “ITSM with Open Source Software” presentation he made at the Cloud Expo Europe in London with slides to download.
Bernd started a new series titled MySQL New Features, with a post on semi-synchronous replication. An alternative to the default asynchronous replication, it solves the problem of transactions being lost when a master fails. Instead of the master simply writing changes to local bin logs and disregarding the processing done by the slaves, semi-synchronous replication ensures the status “committed” is only achieved when the transaction has been processed by at least one slave. InnoDB is required for its use and the ACID criteria must be met. For admins, he offers the Rpl_semi_sync_master_no_tx variable for details on the transactions still open, and not committed on a slave.
Finally, Rebecca announced the upcoming training course on Nagios SLA Reporting with Jasper. The two day workshop on 12 -13 April will introduce students to the concept of reporting, dive into the installation and operation of iReport and Jasper Server, demonstrate their integration to Nagios( NDO) or Icinga (IDO) and other data sources such as ticketing systems and RRD databases. Students will also learn to design, generate and distribute dynamic reports. Registration is open, and more information is available at our training centre.

Weekly Snap: Check_SAP, Debian Squeeze & Email Marketing Forum

17 – 21 January introduced a new SAP plugin, a source of email marketing inspiration and got excited about the Debian 6.0 release to come.
Planned for the 5 February weekend, Julian forwarded news of the Debian Squeeze release. Version 6.0 consists of a Linux Kernel 2.6.32, C-library Eglibc 2.11, Python 2.6, X11R7.5, Gnome 2.30, Qt 4.6 and KDE 4.4. Barring the complication of a serious error recently found, Debian Squeeze should be out as planned.
On the topic of releases, consultant William added a new SAP monitoring plugin, check_sap to our library at netways.org. Contrary to the much used SAP CCMS plugin, it supports Unicode SAP systems, reduces some configuration stress, alongside many other features.
Lastly, Manuela shared a new source of email marketing tips and tricks. ‘Email Marketing Forum’ is a specialist portal which offers all sorts of articles, case studies, whitepapers, webinars and Powerpoint presentations on issues ranging from addressing legal obligations to designing professional newsletters. As one would expect, the portal can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.