Weekly Snap: PRIMERGY Solutions & New Noma, BP-Cronk and LConf Releases

6 – 10 December handed out a few monitoring addon gifts for Christmas and promised one more for the Fujitsu server family.
Bernd reported from his visit to the PRIMERGY Solution Briefing in Augsberg which gathered server specialists from across Germany. Thanks to a long-standing partnership with Fujitsu Technology Services, NETWAYS had the opportunity to contribute a presentation introducing the current plugin check_fujitsu_primergy and the integration of iRMC cards. Both can be found in our demo system, open to all. To top it off, he promised a new plugin in progress for the Eternus series which will be released at the year’s end.
In the same spirit of giving, Jannis laid out a bunch of new monitoring tool releases under the NETWAYS Christmas tree: NoMa 1.0.6, LConf for Icinga 1.0.1 and BP-Cronk 1.0.1. Alongside bug fixes, the latest version of NoMa (Notification Manager) features new filter capabilities. So rules can now be set with host groups as well as hosts and services, saving time and sanity. LConf for Icinga brings an optimized directory information tree that automatically unfolds to show changes made and accepts common keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-C for copy) too. Finally, the latest Icinga Web cronk for Business Process Addons improved the configuration parser and made saving new configs more intuitive. All are available to download at netways.org or the Git with season’s greetings from the development team.

Weekly Snap: Business Process Addons in Icinga & Conference Aplenty – OSMC to OSDC and OpenSUSE

18 – 22 October skipped from the close of the OSMC to the preparations for the OSDC and ended on the OpenSUSE, with a quick detour into Business Process Monitoring Addons’ integration into Icinga Web.
Manuela celebrated the success of the Open Source Monitoring Conference 2010 with a few statistics. For the attendees from all over Europe, 22 speeches, 4 workshops, 1 intensive workshop and an AR Drone, ensured that there was something everyone. Thanks to Linux Magazine, the presentations where streamed live and are now available in their archives to view with the attendee area of the OSMC website opening soon. Final thanks also go to Thomas Krenn, and all speakers and attendees for making the event the success it was – we hope to see you at the next OSMC on 29 – 30 November 2011.
From one conference to another, Manuela jumped to the Open Source Data Center Conference to come on 6 – 7 April 2011 in Nuremberg. In its 3rd year, it will also highlight ‘Automated Systems Management’ with focused presentations and practical case studies. In line with this, 2 workshops on ‘Configuration Management with Puppet- Advanced’ and ‘ITSM Reporting with Jasper’ will be held on the OSDC eve 5 April with restricted class sizes for intensive learning. The Call for Papers for interested speakers and early bird specials for registrations till 28 February 2011 are both currently open and welcome to all.
Finally, Bernd reported from the 2nd International OpenSUSE Conference which gathered many active developers in Nuremberg to discuss new ideas and the future course of the OpenSUSE project. For the first time, NETWAYS was actively there with a presentation on ‘Open Source Monitoring with Icinga‘ that received much interest. In return Bernd was also reassured by many there, that the old rumours of YaST messing up configurations and Russian roulette-like package installations are now history.

Business Process Monitoring With Added Clarity

Sometimes monitoring can drag you down in the jumble of individual hosts and service states, when really all you want to know is if the entire application or business process is healthy. That’s where the Business Process Addons come in handy and now ever more than before. At the recent OSMC 2010, Chief Developer Bernd Stroßenreuther announced his latest improvements to the Business Process Addons – greater visualisation of business process relationships and their configuration.

Overview Cronk

To do this, he teamed up with Jannis Mosshammer and integrated Business Process Addons into Icinga Web. Via a custom API between Icinga Core and Web, they made good use of the dynamic GUI to create 2 cronks for the existing Business Process View addon. An improvement on the old summary table of processes, the new overview cronk displays processes arranged as a tree directory. With ‘and’ / ‘or’ relationships, priorities, related hosts and services all per process all simultaneously in view, the tree view lets you keep an eye on the bigger picture while clicking into more detail. This drill down feature is useful especially when troubleshooting, to see which processes are affecting others.

Overview Cronk - Event History View

In addition, Bernd and Jannis added a new event history feature, which pops in and out on the right column to give more detail on each process without leaving the overview tab. Flexibility was also built in, so that other tabs beyond events such as performance graphs, CMDB contact persons, views of all business processes that contain the same services, etc. can be added as needed.
The second cronk is an editor for click based business process configurations creation and modification. Also arranged in a tree structure, existing services or entire processes can be modified, dragged and dropped into other business processes, and new ones created in drop down menus. This is all done with the overall structure in view, so that all changes and their related effects per defined priority can be immediately seen in the greater business process configuration. Compared to the previous text based editor, this is a big step up in user friendliness and configuration clarity.

Editor Cronk - Add Business Process

Since the announcement at OSMC, the Business Process View integration for Icinga is now delivered with the latest Icinga Web, and will be renamed to Business Process Addons for Nagios and Icinga in the near future. We recommend it all who need to keep an eye on SLAs, keep services running smoothly and prefer to see their monitoring from a process perspective. From what we hear, the Business Impact Analysis should be coming soon. We’ll keep you in the loop!

Editor Cronk - Drag n Drop

Editor Cronk - Add Service

Editor Cronk - Modification