Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA – more than 300 attendees and 47 speakers from 22 countries joined us: What would OSMC have been without them? To be honest: Not happening.


….to all our attendees and speakers: You made OSMC special, inspiring and fun by joining or contributing to it! Thanks for your support! 4 days, 3 tracks of talks, 4 workshops, the fun community Hackathon, the Evening Event at Loftwerk, Lambada (former Checkpoint Jenny), Tapasitos, Schimanksi: It was a blast!

Travel back in time

Convince yourselves: Take a look at our Archive with all video recordings of the talks, the speakers‘ slides and conference pictures. And make sure you don’t miss this next year!

Save the date: #OSMC 2019 | November 04 – 07, 2019 | Nuremberg
Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 Mitglied der NETWAYS Family. Vor ihrer Zeit in unserem Marketing Team hat sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene gearbeitet. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Privat widmet sie sich dem Klettern und ihrer Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin.

OSMC 2017: The wait is finally over!

More than 280 attendees from 19 different countries met for 28 phenomenal talks at the 12th Open Source Monitoring Conference. It was a great pleasure having you as our guests in Nuremberg! We hope to see you again in 2018! Save the date: November 05 – 08, 2018
The OSMC archive is now online. We hereby invite you to take a glance at the event-photos. Just visit osmc.de, here you will find the means as well as videos and slides of the talks to review the conference days.

Markus Neder
Markus Neder
Head of Events & Training

Nach langen Jahren in der Hotellerie, hat sich Markus auf die andere Seite geschlagen und leitet nun bei NETWAYS die Event-Abteilung. Seine langjährige Erfahrung als Hotelmeister hilft uns jedes Jahr die beste Konferenz von allen die noch kommen werden zu veranstalten. Wenn er privat nicht mit seinen Kindern unterwegs ist, entspannt er am liebsten bei der Gartenarbeit oder beim Gitarrespielen.

OSDC 2016: Conference Archive now available!

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With about 150 attendees from 12 countries we had once again a fabulous Open Source Data Center Conference! It was a great pleasure for us, having you as our guests in Berlin! We hope to see you again in 2017!
The OSDC archive is now online available. We would like to invite you to take a glance back on the event. Just visit www.osdc.de, here you may find:
– Conference Photos
– Slides and
– Videos

Pamela Drescher
Pamela Drescher
Head of Marketing

Pamela hat im Dezember 2015 das Marketing bei NETWAYS übernommen. Sie ist für die Corporate Identity unserer Veranstaltungen sowie von NETWAYS insgesamt verantwortlich. Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Events ergibt sich aus dem Umstand heraus, dass sie vor ein paar Jahren mit Markus zusammen die Eventsabteilung geleitet hat und diese äußerst vorzügliche Zusammenarbeit nun auch die Bereiche Events und Marketing noch enger verknüpft. Privat ist sie Anführerin einer vier Mitglieder starken Katzenhorde, was ihr den absolut...

Weekly Snap: Gude Starter Kit & Postfix Email Archiving

8 – 12 August introduced a new hardware starter kit, senior consultant Philipp and two ways to archive emails in Postfix.
With a couple simple changes to the mail transfer agent (MTA) in the main.cf, Lennart showed how to archive emails in Postfix . Using ‘recipient_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/bcc_maps’ he specified the map file for emails which are assigned to a particular user on the MTA and then directed it to forward emails by copying the mails sent by the user with ‘sender_bcc_maps  =  hash:/etc/postfix/bcc_maps’. Alternatively, to simply archive all emails in the mail server, he suggested always_bcc = archiv@example.org also in the main.cf.
As part of our staff series, Philipp a senior consultant in our monitoring and systems management wing, introduced himself, his work and his life beyond the office. Involved in customer projects from pre-sales and conception to onsite implementation, he is also a trainer in our NETWAYS courses and workshops. Phillip reflected on his recent projects at large German automotive and financial corporations, and the trend towards open source in the corporate world.
Our hardware storeman introduced a new starter kit for temperature and humidity monitoring in small server rooms. The kit consists of the “Gude Expert Net Control 2101” meter, a 2m cable combination temperature/humidity sensor and matching power adapter. The Gude meters are all SNMP compatible and can send alerts via email. They come equipped with a web based user interface, a second sensor port and digital output with watchdog functionality (PING). Plugins for Nagios / Icinga are available at www.netways.org