LConf 1.5.0 released

lconf_logoWhile the backend exporter has been overhauled in many places, we’ve also tackled long lasting issues such as missing schema attributes or nasty import bugs. On the other hand, the LConf web interface reflects the schema additions as well fixes annoying bugs with custom variable removal, and also integrates community contributed patches such as a parent host drop down.
Download LConf Backend 1.5.0, LConf Icinga Web 1.5.0 & LConf Standalone Web 1.5.0.
Find the Changelog below.
Cheers, Alex & Michael

LConf Backend 1.5.0


  • Schema: Additional object attributes (see below) requiring update
  • Import: Skip already existing objects, set address to host name if not defined


  • Feature #1432: add inherits_parent attribute for host/service dependency
  • Feature #1480: add first_notification_delay as schema attribute to host/service
  • Feature #1886: contact attributes address1-6 missing
  • Feature #2082: Add ldap_person and allow auxiliary objectClass in ldap schema
  • Feature #2429: Add the attribute “address6” for ipv6 dual stack to the host-settings
  • Feature #2495: Add attribute contactgroup_members and servicegroup_members
  • Feature #2690: Complete LDAP schema
  • Feature #2889: LConfImport: Skip already existing objects and continue import
  • Feature #2891: LConfImport: Set host address to name if not existing


  • Bug #2192: doesn’t ignore comments in objects.cache
  • Bug #2240: hostgroup alias/display_name is overridden with cn
  • Bug #2761: Escalations are no longer exported
  • Bug #2857: LConf 1.5.0-rc1: additional hostgroups are exported with a “+”
  • Bug #2859: Default User filter for Icinga2 is too restrictive
  • Bug #2887: str2arr_by_delim_without_excludes() must not return empty array values
  • Bug #2899: customvars with value 0 are not exported

LConf Icinga Web Module 1.5.0


  • Requires LConf Backend 1.5.x!
  • New object attributes (see below)
  • Export checks for unsaved settings
  • Exclude not supported attributes in properties tab


  • Feature #1568: Notify to save last changes before export
  • Feature #1727: Parent settings for Hosts via GUI
  • Feature #2096: connection manager: add the default 389 port and localhost as default
  • Feature #2425: Add “Max check attempts” to check settings
  • Feature #2517: ServiceEscalationServiceGroups and ServiceEscalationHostGroups dropdown missing
  • Feature #2645: Add an option to define override or add for specific attribute values (groups, contacts, etc)
  • Feature #2875: Add attributes: host address6, {contact,service}group_members, contact address1-6
  • Feature #2877: Add inherits_parents (dependencies 1.x) and first_notification_delay (host/service) attributes


  • Bug #2177: Quicklinks from grid to access the hostObject directly in LConf don’t work
  • Bug #2410: delete customvar not possible
  • Bug #2553: Testcheck fails at expanding macros
  • Bug #2643: Contacts can not have an interval
  • Bug #2811: Find a way to hide StructObj attributes in Properties tab
  • Bug #2839: Add property not possible

LConf Standalone Web 1.5.0

Same as Icinga Web Module, and additionally:

  • Feature #2841: Increase Ajax timeout
  • Feature #2871: Add support for Apache 2.4
Michael Friedrich
Michael Friedrich
Senior Developer

Michael ist seit vielen Jahren Icinga-Entwickler und hat sich Ende 2012 in das Abenteuer NETWAYS gewagt. Ein Umzug von Wien nach Nürnberg mit der Vorliebe, österreichische Köstlichkeiten zu importieren - so mancher Kollege verzweifelt an den süchtig machenden Dragee-Keksi und der Linzer Torte. Oder schlicht am österreichischen Dialekt der gerne mit Thomas im Büro intensiviert wird ("Jo eh."). Wenn sich Michael mal nicht in der Community helfend meldet, arbeitet er am nächsten LEGO-Projekt oder geniesst...