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Make up your mind for things that matter

At OSMC 250+ participants & speakers will celebrate the diversity of their passion & profession: Monitoring! Who once joined OSMC will know: Monitoring matters! Join us for four days full of facts, features, stacks, apps, integrations, implementations, updates & upgrades!

And after OSMC…

You don’t even have to move. At least not physically. Stay at the wonderful Holiday Inn in Nuremberg. Join OSCamp on Foreman and make up your mind for topics like automation, remote execution, and provisioning in the cloud! We serve the latest know-how and how-to’s around the popular lifecycle management tool.

Tickets & more

At osmc.de and opensourcecamp.de

OSCamp on Foreman: Program is online!

Together with Red Hat we present the program for the Open Source Camp on Foreman! Learn about topics like automation, remote execution, and provisioning in the cloud, and the latest know-how and how-to’s from top-level speakers like:

OSCamp on Foreman is organized by NETWAYS and supported by Red Hat. The event takes place directly after the lecture program of OSMC on November 07, 2019 in Nuremberg. Meet like-minded people, share expertise and discover new grounds! Get your ticket at opensourcecamp.de

OSCamp on Foreman: Submit your Paper!

Together with Red Hat we call out for papers for the second Open Source Camp in 2019. We are looking for presentations on advanced topics around the Lifecycle-Management-Software Foreman. The Call for Papers is open until August 31.

We are looking for presentations that give a comprehensive technical insight into Foreman and offer advanced administrators new ideas to even more easily automate repetitive tasks, deploy applications, and proactively manage servers. Each presentation is scheduled for 30 minutes, plus a 5 to 10-minute Q&A session.

After OSMC

OSCamp #4 takes place directly after the lecture program of the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) on November 7, 2019 in Nuremberg.

More information at opensourcecamp.de

Monthly Snap May

May at NETWAYS was above all the month of the OSDC, but our team still found the time to share some news and thoughts with us all!

It all started with development…

Alexander started the month with his Blogpost Generics waren gestern. Lang lebe Golangs Reflection! And he raises the question if we really need Generics, or if Golangs would do too.
Jean wrote that it all started with a Gameboy and let us take a peek at her personal journey into programming.
Digging up hidden information for a scavenger hunt? Feu reflected on the thrill in geocaching, solving puzzles and hidden riddles.
Noah got technical! How to: Merge multiple Git repositories into one

Live from the OSDC!

Michael shared the latest news live from Berlin: OSDC 2019: Buzzwo…erm…DevOps, Agile & YAML programmers
And so did Tim: OSDC 2019 Part 2 – Automating patching, VMs in containers & much more

News from the NETWAYS shop!

Immer im Takt bleiben – mit Gude. As Nicole informed us, it is possible to synchronize the inbuilt clock in your hardware per GPS!
TinkerForge is still new in the NETWAYS shop, and in May Nicole presented a new Check-Plugin for TinkerForge Hardware.
Nicole also proudly announced that SMS Eagle sponsored the OSDC for the first time! Welcome SMS Eagle!

Spectacular lottery!

Did you know that our NWS team decided to hold a little competition with several great prices? The first price was winning our very own CEO Bernd Erk for a whole day! Read all about it in Marius` blogpost NETWAYS Web Services Raffle

Poetic and philosophical consultants!

Thomas once again showed his poetic skills in a fun rhyme on Icinga. This is definitely worth the read! Irgendwer muss es halt machen!
Gedanken tanken is Tobias idea of feeding the brain useful but also entertaining Input.
Our apprentice Tobias went on his first business trip! Meine erste Reise bei NETWAYS! He held an Icinga advanced training with Lennart in Munich. Meanwhile Afeef, another junior consultant, dove deep into comparing Podman vs Docker.
Viel hilft viel- nicht immer, Thomas claims! He used Elasticsearch to monitor thresholds in Java and shared useful tips with the community.

Just fit- just awesome!

Healthy living (or at least a bit healthier) is still an important subject at the NETWAYS HQ. Nadja gave us tips on how to treat your back well Just fit – just awesome: Rückenschule How should we sit? What exercises can easily be carried out while seated in front of the PC? Many helpful tips in this one!
Then Catharina gave a summary on the first ever NETWAYS Wellbeing day! A day packed with healthy recipes, business yoga and other interesting components that helped us heighten our awareness and to lock out the world for a moment.

What`s next?

Julia invited us to the Foreman birthday party taking place here in Nuremberg on July 25! Read all about it and register for a great program. It is all for free! New and Next in Automation: Notes on OSCamp Berlin! Julia reviewed the OSCamp and reminded us of the next one on Foreman. It will take place in Nuremberg on November 7, right after the OSMC! The highlight in May was definitely the OSDC in Berlin. Julia reported about a terrific conference with a great atmosphere. OSDC 2019: Unique views and phenomenal people. And soon afterwards the OSDC Archive was online!

And the others?

Achim contemplated the advantages of mtr compared to traceroute for tracing your routing paths in your network. Finde den Weg mit mtr und traceroute
Martin presented our Icinga starter pack, perfect for the first steps with Icinga, and Blerim from Team Icinga announced future Icinga Camps in Stockholm, Mailand und Zürich!
And last, but not least Bernd is looking forward to Rootconf 2019 in Bangalore taking place June 21 to 22.

Catharina Celikel
Catharina Celikel
Office Manager

Catharina unterstützt seit März 2016 unsere Abteilung Finance & Administration. Die gebürtige Norwegerin ist Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin für Englisch. Als Office Manager kümmert sie sich deshalb nicht nur um das Tagesgeschäft sondern übernimmt nebenbei zusätzlich einen Großteil der Übersetzungen. Privat ist der bekennende Bücherwurm am liebsten mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs.

New and Next in Automation: Notes on OSCamp Berlin

„The pig go. Go is to the fountain. The pig put foot. Grunt. Foot in what? Ketchup. (…)“

A beautiful crowd of people learned this poem thanks to Felix Frank‘s talk at OSCamp on Ansible in Berlin. That’s it? For sure not! OSCamp conveyed all that’s new and next in automation.

“Ansibuild your system”, was the plea made by Toshaan Bharvani. Ansible code is CODE, as we learned in Klaus Franken‘s talk about Automated Tests of Ansible code with GitLab, Vagrant, VirtualBox and Ansible.

Is that an Ansible?

Is that an Ansible? Stop holding it like a puppet, claimed Felix Frank. Later on he put AWX in a nutshell („A service that runs your Ansible code from one central place. Comes with a web UI and a REST API.“) and proved some of it’s most convincing advantages ­ with his live demo.

Nikhil Kathole from Red Hat showed how Ansible and Foreman integrate with one another and got everone into demo mode. In „Directing the Director“ Martin Schurz from T-Systems shared how they designed their new central monitoring system based on Icinga 2.

And as Felix, Adam Ruzicka from Red Hat pleased us with two talks, first introducing the Foreman Project and later on demonstrating two primary approaches of using Ansible from Foreman.

We want to thank everyone, who took part in Open Source Camp in Berlin! It was a great event!

We hope to see you soon!

Next Open Source Camp will be on Foreman. Right after OSMC. In Nuremberg.
Save the date: Nov 07, 2019!