Weekly Snap: OSMC Speakers, Ceph & OpenNebula, PHP Array Filters

weekly snap21 – 25 July announced the OSMC speaker lineup, summer hardware specials and offered tips for developers, packagers and sys admins alike.
Beginning with events, Eva counted 127 days to the OSMC with Bernd’s talk on “Log and Event Management” and announced the lineup of speakers to come.
Achim then explained how to integrate Ceph Datastore into OpenNebula using CephX for authentication as Christian held a webinar with Michael on Icinga 2.
Johannes continued onto part 4 of his PHP SPL series with improved array filters while Dirk shared part 2 of his guide to RPM packaging by explaining the spec file.
Finally, hardware guru Georg peddled our store’s summer specials – get them while stocks last!

Weekly Snap: DevOps Days Berlin & OSDC, Icinga 2 & Jabber

weekly snap14 – 18 July brought event news from OSMC and DevOps Days Berlin, as well as guides to RAID and Icinga 2 notifications with Jabber.
Eva counted 134 days to the OSMC with Sven Nierlein’s talk on the Thruk monitoring GUI.
She then went on to announce our participation at this year’s DevOps Days Berlin, as part of the organizing team.
Finally Gunnar followed with his script to send Icinga 2 notifications via Jabber, and Tobias shared a couple educational, yet amusing videos on RAID levels.

Weekly Snap: Elasticsearch, Puppet & PHP SPL

weekly snap7 – 11 July shared tips for Elasticsearch and Puppet users, PHP developers and monitoring admins.
Eva started the week by counting 141 days to the OSMC with Michael Medin’s talk on NSClient++ and followed with a reminder to readers to make the most of the OpenNebula Conf CfP and early bird specials.
Blerim played with various Elasticsearch gadgets, as Matthias looked at doubly linked lists in PHP SPL.
Lastly, Lennart showed how to create directories in Puppet recursively and Michael forwarded news of the Monitoring Plugins 2.0 release.

Weekly Snap: PHP SPL Heaps, OpenNebula Fog Provider & RPM Packaging

weekly snap30 June – 4 July offered tips for the PHP developer, cloud operator and sys admin.
Eva started the week by counting 148 days down to OSMC, with Oliver Tatzmann’s talk on “Target Group Oriented IT Service Monitoring”.
Meanwhile, Marius showed how to sort heaps of data with PHP SPL and Dirk started a new blog series on RPM packaging, beginning with the source code.
Lastly, Georg added new Argon 100 bundles to our hardware store range as Achim added our Fog provider for OpenNebula to the upstream master.

Weekly Snap: Puppet Camp CfP, PHP SPL & OSMC

weekly snap23 – 27 June ended the month with tips for PHP developers, sys admins and business travellers, while shining the spotlight on our upcoming events.
At 155 days, Eva started her countdown to the Open Source Monitoring Conference with Luca Deri’s talk on “Monitoring Network Traffic Using Ntopng”, and Bernd followed with his OSMC reflections in suit.
Eva went on to open the Puppet Camp Call for Papers in full song and dance, as Christian reminded readers to join the Foreman / OpenNebula webinar.
Sebastian then explained how to replicate ZFS file systems with zrep, and Eric began a new blog series on PHP’s SPL with an example of ‘peek ahead during iteration’.
To end the week, Tobias shared his flight-booking tips for business travellers.

Weekly Snap: LConf, Iperf & Icinga 2 Training

weekly snap16 – 20 June brought much ado about monitoring – from an LConf release and training course on Icinga 2, to a guide to SMS alerts and a network performance tool.
Christian began the week by announcing a new webinar on Foreman for OpenNebula, as Silke introduced our new training course on Icinga 2.
Meanwhile, Michael released LConf 1.4.2 and LConf for Icinga Web 1.4.0 with compatibility updates for Icinga 2.
Continuing on the monitoring theme, Georg explained how to set up Icinga / Nagios SMS alerts on Linux systems, and Tobias showed how to assess network performance with Iperf.
Lastly, Lennart came to a Puppet course’s rescue in Paris as a substitute trainer.

Weekly Snap: PHP Mockery, CasperJS Monitoring & Bareos Webinar

weekly snap2 – 6 June started summer in good humor, playing in PHP Mockery and with CasperJS monitoring, as well as welcoming a guest presenter to our webinar series.
Christian began the week by announcing Philipp Storz, author of the book, “Bacula – Network Backup Strategies and Solutions” to present in tomorrow’s webinar on the fork, Bareos.
Johannes then introduced Mockery, a PHP framework to create mock and stub objects, while Markus played with CasperJS to achieve ‘end-to-end monitoring’.

Weekly Snap: OpenNebula & Puppet VM Provisioning, Icinga 2 Beta & Logstash Training

weekly snap26 – 30 May ended the month with a webinar and tips for VM provisioning, an Icinga 2 Beta release, and musings on development and Logstash training.
Much ado about VMs, Christian and Lennart held their webinar on Puppet: Provisioning on VMWare, as Achim brought Foreman, Fog and OpenNebula together with an OpenNebula Fog provider.
Bernd celebrated the release of Icinga 2 Beta while Gunnar meditated on writing user-friendly error alerts as a developer.
To end the week, Thomas reflected on the last few rounds of our Logstash training courses, and the development of our workshop materials to keep pace with software releases.

Weekly Snap: OpenNebula Conf & Puppet, Foreman & Fog

weekly snap19 – 23 May turned the spotlight on OpenNebula, and offered new hardware alongside tips for users of Puppet and its related tools.
Georg began the week with a new product in our hardware store: CEP CT63 USB Powered, ideal for SMS alerts in combination with Icinga / Nagios.
Eva then announced the OpenNebula Conf 2014 Call for Papers, and Achim showed how to use Foreman and Fog to automate VM provisioning in OpenNebula.
Lennart too had his configuration fun, fiddling with a Tomcat XML file using Puppet.
Finally, the team at Netways treated Bernd to a burger-cooking (and eating) course.

Weekly Snap: Foreman & OpenNebula, Bash Aliases & Linux Tag 2014

weekly snap12 – 16 May offered tips for configuration in the cloud and making Bash more convenient, plus a couple of presentations from Linux Tag.
Thilo started by introducing our Foreman–OpenNebula integration in a Youtube video while Matthias shared his shortcut aliases for Bash.
Markus, Bernd and Dirk followed with a few photos from Linux Tag 2014 and slides from their presentations on Icinga, Logstash and Foreman.