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OSMC 2022 | A Full Success

von | Nov 22, 2022 | NETWAYS, OSMC

A Warm Welcome

Finally the time has come! Our OSMC 2022 has started – this year without any restrictions. Thanks to Lukas and Markus, who took care of the planning like every year! Everything went flawlessly this time as well. We were very happy about all attendees and contributors who made this event to something unforgettable!


Our Workshop Day

At the beginning this year a workshop day opened the OSMC. The following workshops were offered:

  • Icinga Director and Director Branches Workshop
  • Kubernetes Workshop
  • Prometheus Workshop

The demand was high and two workshops were completely booked. The participants enjoyed the comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of our trainers.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about the topics, please check out our NETWAYS trainings, which take place all around the year.



Time to Check-In

Lukas, Katja and I welcomed about 200 guests. We made sure everything runs smoothly, answered questions and handed out everyone’s visitor badge. In addition, participants who attended a workshop the day before received a certificate from us. Everything went to the fullest satisfaction.


Our Camera Team

The camera team this time consisted of Björn, Nick, Justin and Jonada. They were responsible for recording the individual speaker talks and did a great job.

Soon you will find the recordings on our Youtube channel and also in the archives of our event website.



Networking and Fun

Between our speaker presentations, attendees had the opportunity to socialize, exchange ideas and get to know like-minded people better. There were different sponsor booths to get information about our sponsors‘ companies and of course merch like stickers and socks.

In addition, the Activity Area offered a nice change with an XXL version of „Connect 4“ and „Jenga“. Massages were also offered, which contributed to relaxation and well-being. Lots of delicious snacks and drinks were also provided – but that’s nothing new at our events. 😉

It was nice to see, that our community came together after a long time. Old acquaintances met again and I could feel how much they enjoyed these moments.


Let’s get Together

This year’s evening event took place again at KORN’S in Nuremberg. The location is absolutely amazing and convinces every time anew. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxed and convivial conclusion of the first conference day. Besides a buffet and drinks, there was something really special that awaited our attendees: a roulette table! The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and we received lots of positive feedback.



On the whole, these three OSMC days were again a full success:  attendees gained lots of valuable expert knowledge as well as new friendships. We thank everyone who participated and look forward to welcoming you again next year.

The final date is already set: November 7 – 9, 2023

The archives, including all photos, videos and the speakers‘ slides will soon be available at our website. Stay tuned!


For all of you who are already curious I have created a slider with lots of impressive, awesome and funny pictures to get an impression of OSMC 2022.


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