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Monthly Snap February 2022

von | Mrz 1, 2022 | NETWAYS

February was such a short month, but we managed to squeeze in a hole lot of quality content for you!

Let`s start with the technical part!


Rania kicked off the month with her article LUKS LVM Resizing, a thorough step-by-step guide. And she also informed us of New graphics cards for your NETWAYS projects. Patrick followed with Promox Routed NAT für die NWS Openstack Cloud. Hetzner uva. Then Saeid wrote about the InfluxDB Time Series Database. Stefan gave us an update from NETWAYS Managed Services in Alles im Flow. And Philipp joined in with his article on GO – automatic package updates. Finally Leonie compared GitLab SaaS to IaaS and showed us the difference.


Stackconf 2021


Did you miss some of the talks? Luckily Katja shares glimpses into the stackconf archives every now and then! This month she took a closer look at Serhat Can`s talk How DevOps changed the way we operate software and, also, at JJ Asghar`s talk We accidentally created a Cloud on our IBM Cloud. Then she talked about The Tyranny of Taylorism and how to spot Agile BS by Martin Hinshelwood and about Frank Karlitschek`s talk on How Nextcloud stayed productive during COVID- 19




Nathaniel talked about his apprenticeship in Eine Ausbildung in Zeiten von Corona, and Natalie interviewed Rania in the blog series Natalie meets. And then Natalie got to be the person of interest, as Katja interviewed her! Then Julia shared many of the reasons why we love to work here in NETWAYS: Open to grow together




Melanie informed us of an update in SMSEagle Neue Software-Version 4.30


OSMC Flashback


The OSMC 2021 was a blast! If you missed some of the talks it is not a problem, as we take peeks at the OSMC archives every now and then and share them with you! This month Marc recapped the talk Observability will not fix your broken Monitoring, or Culture by Kris Buytaert. Don`t miss the link to the whole talk! And Matthias shared Marcelo Perazolo`s talk Logs with Real Life Examples

And then Katja stated the benefits of becoming a sponsor in OSMC 2022 | Contribute & benefit!

Enjoy the read!



Catharina Celikel
Catharina Celikel
Office Manager

Catharina unterstützt seit März 2016 unsere Abteilung Finance & Administration. Die gebürtige Norwegerin ist Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin für Englisch. Als Office Manager kümmert sie sich deshalb nicht nur um das Tagesgeschäft sondern übernimmt nebenbei zusätzlich einen Großteil der Übersetzungen. Privat ist der bekennende Bücherwurm am liebsten mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs.
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