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OSMC 2021: First speakers online

von | Jul 23, 2021 | NETWAYS

First confirmed speakers

Since our Call for Papers is running successfully we already have some confirmed speakers who are going to talk at OSMC 2021.

Take a look at our conference website and see what the already fixed presentations will be about. Make OSMC 2021 your own success story: benefit from the expert knowledge presented and ask your most burning questions in the Q&A session following each talk.


Get inspired

Have a look at the following speakers and their topics awaiting you at OSMC. We’re sure that there’s something for everyone. So enjoy and let yourself be inspired!


Advanced MySQL optimization and troubleshooting using PMM2


Optimizing MySQL performance and troubleshooting MySQL problems are two of the most critical and challenging tasks for MySQL DBA’s. The databases powering your applications need to be able to handle changing traffic workloads while remaining responsive and stable so that you can deliver an excellent user experience. We will demonstrate the advanced options of PMM version 2 that enables you to solve these challenges, which is built on free and open-source software.


OpenNMS at 20 – Almost as Old as Nagios


The very first public OpenNMS code was posted on Sourceforge in March of 2000, so OpenNMS turned 20 years old last year. This talk will cover the history of the OpenNMS open source project over the last 20 years. It is an interesting story, starting with the company that began the project and why they decided to abandon it. How it was picked up by an individual who managed to grow the community until they could form a new company to support it.


Open-Source Earth observation datasets for deep structured learning-based monitoring


Monitoring oceans, agricultural lands, forests, and cities using satellite imagery is a key area of ongoing research. The rise of open-source large-scale Earth observation datasets for this purpose facilitates the development of machine learning models. We will discuss how we can train deep learning models and especially harness multitemporal data and change detection to detect damage after natural disasters, inform sustainable agriculture, monitor wildlife, and more.


We’re super excited to meet you and all the other open source addicts in person. So get your ticket and we’ll see you in November!


Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Online Marketing Manager

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Mitglied im Marketing-Team von NETWAYS. Nach ihrem Studium in Passau vollzog sie ihren Berufseinstieg im Bereich der Suchmaschinenoptimierung und möchte sich nun neben SEO auch anderen Online Marketing-Kanälen widmen. Neben Basteln und Malen, treibt sie in ihrer Freizeit gerne Sport und spielt Klavier und Gitarre.
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