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stackconf: 14 Days left! Get Ready!

von | Jun 1, 2021 | Events, NETWAYS, stackconf

Good Times Ahead! Are You Prepared?

Yes, you heard right – in 14 days the time has finally come. And the preparations for stackconf are in full swing. Since we are almost ready with all the organizational and technical things for our online conference this year, we were thinking about how your preparations are going. If you haven’t started yet, we will now show you three tips which help you getting prepared for stackconf in less than two weeks.


In three steps to a successful online conference

1. Define your program

As far as you know, the stackconf program is already set – for us at least. You still have the possibility to put together an individual program which suits you best. So check out our three-day lecture program and choose your favourite speakers and talks.


2. Have an open attitude

If you want to get the best out of stackconf we recommend being open to new ways and possibilities to get in touch with each other. Use the chance to interact and network with participants from all over the world. Get in contact with like-minded people and let your hardest questions be answered by renowned international open source experts. Listen, discuss and learn!


3. Take a seat

But before you make yourself comfortable, check whether your technology works. So just try out your internet connection, your headphones or speaker and make sure that your batteries are charged. Also don’t forget to always have a writing pad and pen ready for taking notes.

Great, now you know what to do for enjoying our online event successfully.

Here are some of the highlights that await you during stackconf:

GitOps, Weaviate, Kubernetes, …



GitOps: yea or nay?

GitOps is a paradigm or a set of practices that empowers developers to perform tasks which typically (only) fall under the purview of operations. It’s a way to do Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. This talk will include a demo of ArgoCD/Flux/Jenkins X on how to configure and use it to accelerate and simplify application deployments.





Weaviate Vector Search Engine – Introduction

This talk is an introduction to the vector search engine Weaviate. You will learn how storing data using vectors enables semantic search and automatic data classification. Topics like the underlying vector storage mechanism and how the pre-trained language vectorization model enables this are touched. In addition, this presentation consists of live demos to show the power of Weaviate and how you can get started with your own datasets.





Kubernetes Native Continuous Deployment with FluxCD, Flagger, and Linkerd

This talk will demonstrate a Kubernetes native CD pipeline using FluxCD, Flagger and Linkerd. We will discuss the benefits we gained in the process of employing this pipeline at StackPulse. Key learnings for the audience: How to increase velocity and deployment safety by adopting CD; How great tooling can reflect your culture — not change it



We hope our tips help you planning stackconf from the participants’ side and we’re looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks online!


Katja Kotschenreuther
Katja Kotschenreuther
Online Marketing Manager

Katja ist seit Oktober 2020 Mitglied im Marketing-Team von NETWAYS. Nach ihrem Studium in Passau vollzog sie ihren Berufseinstieg im Bereich der Suchmaschinenoptimierung und möchte sich nun neben SEO auch anderen Online Marketing-Kanälen widmen. Neben Basteln und Malen, treibt sie in ihrer Freizeit gerne Sport und spielt Klavier und Gitarre.
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