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Foreman’s 12 birthday – we will have a virtual party

von | Mai 7, 2021 | Foreman

Beginning with Foreman’s 7th birthday in the year 2016 we are organizing an annual party to celebrate with the awesome community. As we partnered up with ATIX for organizing this event, it was their turn last year and with Covid19 they had the additional challenge to move a social event from meeting in person to online. While they did great, I had high hopes I could return back to normal in this year, but unfortunately also this year we have to stay virtual.

Nevertheless I can announce we will have another Foreman Birthday event on July 1st, 15:00 (CEST). We plan to have 5 to 6 30 minute talks with moderation by me accompanied and some kind of chat for live discussion and Q&A followed by a social event.

As we are still in the planing phase I can not go into detail about the social event or the chat solution but I can already confirm the first two talks.

  • Lukáš Zapletal will tell us “The story of webhooks plugin” as a mixture of technical talk and community success story.
  • Dana Singleterry will give as a “Red Hat Product manager update” so we will hear what Red Hat is planing for the next releases.

If you like to give a talk please get in touch with via email. We aim for a wide variety of talks, be it a new plugin or some new tricks for an old one, a case study showing your environment, about Foreman itself, Katello/Satellite/Orcharhino, Pulp, Candlepin or even Puppet and Ansible or the Community. Everything related to Foreman will be considered. We plan to have all talks pre-recorded and will provide guidance for doing so. After the talk we want to give everyone the chance to ask questions, so the speaker can answer them live.

So save the date and watch this thread in the Foreman Community for always up-to-date information. I hope to meet you all at the event! My plan is you will miss nothing of our normal program except the cake from this virtual event! 😉

Foreman Birthday Cake

Graphics used „Happy Birthday“ by Hendrike under CC BY-SA 3.0 and „Foreman Logo“ by Red Hat Inc. under CC BY-SA 3.0
Dirk Götz
Dirk Götz
Principal Consultant

Dirk ist Red Hat Spezialist und arbeitet bei NETWAYS im Bereich Consulting für Icinga, Puppet, Ansible, Foreman und andere Systems-Management-Lösungen. Früher war er bei einem Träger der gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung als Senior Administrator beschäftigt und auch für die Ausbildung der Azubis verantwortlich wie nun bei NETWAYS.
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