The organizers of DevOpsDays Berlin once again invite IT professionals with DevOps experience to propose a talk and show their interest in contributing. DevOpsDays is a technical conference, aimed at developers, sysadmins and anyone else involved in technology, whether expert or beginner. The idea behind it: Understanding each others way of working, improving code and cooperation. It was the series of DevOpsDays conferences that made the term DevOps as popular as it is today.

The Call for Papers for DevOpsDays Berlin runs until July 05, 2020. Papers can be submitted at

If you have a hiring success story, can talk about diversity in teams or leadership, have a great tale to tell about spreading DevOps to the rest of your company or organization: Don’t hesitate to propose.

There are three different formats

  • 30-minute talk: Presented during the conference, usually in the mornings. Anyone can submit a presentation. The DevopsDays Berlin program council will choose the best presentations among these submissions, which will appear in the agenda of the conference.
  • Ignite talk: Presented during the Ignite sessions (scheduling varies). The ignite talks are a valuable portion of knowledge, lasting for 5 minutes. 20 slides change automatically every 15 seconds giving a condensed overview on a topic.
  • Hands-On session: Presentations of technical nature lasting for 45 minutes. Speakers should demonstrate a part of their work and give people the chance to ask questions. No product demos allowed.

There will also be Open Space sessions during the conference. The Open Space format is a very interesting and simple one. Short time before the Open Space starts, all attendees can suggest topics and vote on what topic is the most wanted. After this, participants create discussion groups. It is not necessary to propose ahead of time. The topics are suggested in person at the conference.

Get involved!

DevOpsDays events are unique in that they are entirely volunteer-supported, and not hosted by an industry vendor or for profit. If you are in any way interested in supporting that, be it by speaking or by volunteering at the event: Reach out to the organizers. Get involved!

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Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
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