„The pig go. Go is to the fountain. The pig put foot. Grunt. Foot in what? Ketchup. (…)“

A beautiful crowd of people learned this poem thanks to Felix Frank‘s talk at OSCamp on Ansible in Berlin. That’s it? For sure not! OSCamp conveyed all that’s new and next in automation.

“Ansibuild your system”, was the plea made by Toshaan Bharvani. Ansible code is CODE, as we learned in Klaus Franken‘s talk about Automated Tests of Ansible code with GitLab, Vagrant, VirtualBox and Ansible.

Is that an Ansible?

Is that an Ansible? Stop holding it like a puppet, claimed Felix Frank. Later on he put AWX in a nutshell („A service that runs your Ansible code from one central place. Comes with a web UI and a REST API.“) and proved some of it’s most convincing advantages ­ with his live demo.

Nikhil Kathole from Red Hat showed how Ansible and Foreman integrate with one another and got everone into demo mode. In „Directing the Director“ Martin Schurz from T-Systems shared how they designed their new central monitoring system based on Icinga 2.

And as Felix, Adam Ruzicka from Red Hat pleased us with two talks, first introducing the Foreman Project and later on demonstrating two primary approaches of using Ansible from Foreman.

We want to thank everyone, who took part in Open Source Camp in Berlin! It was a great event!

We hope to see you soon!

Next Open Source Camp will be on Foreman. Right after OSMC. In Nuremberg.
Save the date: Nov 07, 2019!


Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Senior Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 Mitglied der NETWAYS Family. Vor ihrer Zeit in unserem Marketing Team hat sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene gearbeitet. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Privat widmet sie sich dem Klettern und ihrer Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin.