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OSDC 2019: Unique views and phenomenal people

von | Mai 16, 2019 | OSDC

When you entered the big, luminous lobby at MOA Hotel Berlin your eyes catched it right away: OSDC‘s pink counter. Behind it either Markus or Lukas from the NETWAYS Events Team welcoming you to the conference, always ready to answer your hardest questions on rooms, rumors, food and all you need to know at OSDC. Thanks to these two guys we‘ve had the pleasure to enjoy a phenomenal conference!

What we’ve done

We‘ve heard tons of entertaining and informative technical talks. We‘ve exchanged thoughts and ideas. We’ve watched demos and fireworks. We got new stickers, job opportunities and insights into our business partners‘ stacks, workflows and findings. Not to forget about meeting old pals and making new friends.

Want to know about the talks? Read Michi’s and Tim’s blogposts „OSDC 2019: Buzzwo…erm…DevOps, Agile & YAML programmers“ and „OSDC 2019 Part 2 – Automating partching, VMs in containers & much more

Inbetween the two-day program Markus and Lukas placed a special treat. What would Berlin be without the Spree? Locals and tourists love its urban flair. And that we enjoyed in one of the best possible ways: on board of the restaurant ship Patio. We‘ve had sundowner drinks on deck, followed by delicious dinner and drinks combined with a unique view and the feeling of being on the water. Can you imagine a better place to socialize?

Thanks to all people – speakers and attendees – who made OSDC special! We are also thankful to our sponsors Thomas Krenn, SMSEagle, Linux Magazin and Admin Magazine for their support and all the NETWAYers for making it happen. See you in 2020, June 17 – 18! Save the date!

Stay tuned for the OSDC archive with all videos, slides and photos!


Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Lead Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 bei NETWAYS. Mit ihren Spezialgebieten Texte/Konzepte, Branding und PR ist sie für Tone of Voice und Wording von NETWAYS und Icinga verantwortlich. Davor war sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene spannenden Geschichten auf der Spur. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Ihre innere Mitte findet sie beim Klettern und Yoga.
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