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NETWAYS Web Services Raffle

von | Mai 10, 2019 | NETWAYS

We wanted to do a big raffle. A very special one. You can win 3 amazing prices and how this works will be described below. But first of all, what are the prices?

  • First place: Our incredible @gethash for one day at your office*
  • Second place: One NWS app for free. A whole year! **
  • Third place: One big box of Dragee Keksi

The requirements will be explained in detail in the tweet of the NWS Twitter Account. Basically you have to follow the NWS Twitter account and retweet the tweet, where this blogpost is published. It will be pinned to the account till the end of May. We will draw 3 winners from all participants.

The great colleagues of Netways are excluded from this raffle cause Bernd is afraid of their crazy ideas.

The winners will be announced on May 31st 2019 and will be published on the NWS Twitter account.

We wish good luck to all of you!

*Restriction: it has to be within Germany!
**You decide which app. OpenStack is excluded here


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