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von | Apr 24, 2019 | Ansible, Events, OSCAMP

Get your OSCamp badge now to Ansibuild your Automation skills!

Meet Anton Vorobiev and learn how to reuse your existing Ansible roles for your Kubernetes apps. Anton will show you how to combine them with the K8s’ operators.

Learn all about Automated Tests of Ansible code with GitLab, Vagrant, VirtualBox and Ansible from Klaus Franken. The Engineer at ING Germany will introduce you to the triple-A concept! Curious? Join his talk at OSCAMP!

Ansibuild your systems! Don’t miss Toshaan Bharvani showing how roles can build a virtual machine or containers for deployment and much more.

You want to provide End-to-End Automation for the Enterprise?
Check out Nikhil Kathole‘s presentation. The Quality Engineer at Red Hat and upstream contributor demonstrates how Ansible and Foreman integrate!

Get to know how to automate your things and learn best practices, tips and tricks with Ansible!

Find out more at opensourcecamp.de & register now!

Pamela Drescher
Pamela Drescher
Head of Marketing

Seit Dezember 2015 ist Pamela Anführerin des Marketing Teams. Mit ihrer stetig wachsenden Mannschaft arbeitet sie daran, NETWAYS nicht nur erfolgreicher, sondern auch immer schöner zu machen. Privat ist sie Oberaufseherin einer Horde von zwei Pferden, drei Kindern und fünf Katzen. Für Langeweile bleibt also keine Zeit!
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