It has been there for a decade. In this time it has grown up from a buzzword to a key-subject discussed in many companies. You know, what I mean!

They call it DevOps

It’s more than a group therapy for frustrated IT engineers with new fancy tools, says Arnold Bechtoldt, Senior Systems Engineer at inovex. What are the technical symptoms of the DevOps method? Which problems aren’t actually technical? How to approach these issues? Arnold’s talk at OSDC will guide you through the jungle!

Are containers the DevOps killer? Or is there still any hope left for this culture in a containerized world? Martin Alfke is CEO at example42 GmbH, located in Berlin. He is a long-term Puppet specialist and trainer. At OSDC Martin will let you know what kind of security borders we have at hand to work separately but with trust.

Prepared thus, we will finally empower you to go the five steps to transformational change. At OSDC you’ll learn the essential methods that Dan Barker used in real transformations at multiple companies! Dan is Chief Architect at RSA Security for cloud migration and an organizer of DevOps KC.

OSDC focuses on innovative strategies, trendsetting developments and new perspectives in dealing with large data centers. The event takes place in Berlin, May 14 – 15, 2019.

NEW at OSDC: Free Workshop

Mgmt Config: Autonomous, real-time systems“ with James Shubin on the pre-conference day, May 13, 2019.
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Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
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