OSMC | Open Source Monitoring Conference | November 5 – 8, 2018 | Nuremberg
Hello Monitoring Lovers,
Great events cast their shadows ahead: From November 5 – 8, 2018, Open Source Monitoring Conference will take place in Nuremberg – with two days of enlightening presentations on November 6 & 7, one day of technical workshops on November 5, and the fun community hackathon on November 8. Call for papers is still open until July, 31 – and for all monitoring enthusiasts considering to register: We have good news for you!
You can choose the presentation format that suits you!
Decide between three options:

  1. Ignite talk – 5 minutes: As a presenter, you must make tough decisions. How long should you present? How many slides should you create? How should you organize the speech? – You prefer a clear structure? Submit an Ignite talk: Five minutes to talk accompanied by 20 slides, 15 seconds each.
  2. 20 – 25 minutes: An Ignite talk is not exactly the right thing for you, but nevertheless you like to put things in a nutshell and keep it short and simple? For you we have created the short lecture format limited to 20-25 minutes.
  3. 50 – 55 minutes: Your findings require more time? You are used to presenting in around an hour? Or you want to integrate a live demonstration of a feature into your talk? Submit a talk for the longer lecture format of 50 – 55 minutes.

A Q&A session is scheduled after each presentation. The conference will be held in English and German. Presentations in English are particularly welcome!
My colleague Keya has already given you a bundle of reasons why you should get on stage. Check out her list! In short – being a speaker at OSMC you can:

  1. Add new research to your list
  2. Increase your productivity
  3. Be the Open Source monitoring agent of change
  4. Monitor your social life

For guidelines for speeches and to submit a talk visit: osmc.de

Julia Hornung
Julia Hornung
Senior Marketing Manager

Julia ist seit Juni 2018 Mitglied der NETWAYS Family. Vor ihrer Zeit in unserem Marketing Team hat sie als Journalistin und in der freien Theaterszene gearbeitet. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt gutem Storytelling, klarer Sprache und ausgefeilten Texten. Privat widmet sie sich dem Klettern und ihrer Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin.