OSDC Countdown 2018 :  Automating Kubernetes Cluster Operations with Operators by Timo Derstappen

OSDC 2018 | Simplifying complex IT infrastructures with Open Source | June 12-13 Berlin
In 2017, Timo Derstappen told us about a lot of challenges and learnings in the past year. Both on-premises and in the cloud. Timo also explained how Giant swarm is using operators to codify all operational tasks of managing Kubernetes cluster and distributed applications. The operators manage PKI infrastructures, networks, VMs and storage both on-premises and in the cloud.
Join us in Berlin and take part in 10th internationally recognized Open Source Datacenter Conference 2018. Where you will experience experts report on the latest development trend in Datacenter solutions and best practices with pro administrators and architects.
It is best time to know-how and add-on into your knowledge with world-wide Open Source Community members.
For more information and to register visit osdc.de
See you in Berlin!

Keya Kher
Keya Kher
Creative Designer

Keya ist seit Oktober 2017 in unserem Marketing Team. Sie kennt sich mit Social Media Marketing aus und ist auf dem Weg, ein Grafikdesign-Profi zu werden. Wenn sie sich nicht kreativ auslebt, entdeckt sie andere Städte oder schmökert in einem Buch. Ihr Favorit ist “The Shiva Trilogy”.