In many environments, Microsoft Active Directory is used to manage users, their roles and permissions and of course their passwords.
When you have set up an  Exchange Server as well, you may want to provide your users with the Outlook Web App. Here also users without Microsoft Windows are able to tune their mail settings and their Active Directory passwords, too.
Sometimes the method may not be completely clear, so please feel free to use this following guide whenever you need to.
Disclaimer: The screenshots display a German OWA and my GIMP skills are, well, improvable.
First you need to login. Please don’t forget to add your domain name.

Then find the small gear and click it.

Use the drop down and navigate to “change password”

You’ll now be prompted to enter your old (1) and your new password twice (2,3). Hit “Save”(4) for using your new password and you’re done!

Tim Albert
Tim Albert
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