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Be a speaker at the OS Monitoring Conference this year!

von | Mai 8, 2018 | Events, Icinga, Monitoring, Nagios, OSMC, Technology

We have some strong points for you to be a speaker at the Open Source Monitoring Conference 2018.

  1. Add new research to your list – Talk about your newest findings in development at the OSMC.
  2. Increase your productivity –  Writing a paper with your findings, tips, tricks and skills increases your number of activities.
  3. Be the OS Monitoring Agent of Change! – Do you think your ideas and thoughts can bring positive change to the OS community? If you do, the Open Source Monitoring Conference is the perfect platform for you to share your ideas with the community.
  4. Monitor your social life – Meet up with fellow experts and enjoy the opportunity to exchange and reflect with other OS monitoring enthusiasts.

Let’s do this! Submit your talk here. 

Keya Kher
Keya Kher
Creative Designer

Keya ist seit Oktober 2017 in unserem Marketing Team. Sie kennt sich mit Social Media Marketing aus und ist auf dem Weg, ein Grafikdesign-Profi zu werden. Wenn sie sich nicht kreativ auslebt, entdeckt sie andere Städte oder schmökert in einem Buch. Ihr Favorit ist “The Shiva Trilogy”.  
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