The OSBConf is designed for researching and analysing the best and latest open source software solutions for data backup – including sharing newest development, conveying strategic knowledge and presenting practical reports.
Do you want to share your latest inventions, research or technical projects with us and the open source community? If you do, here is the checklist to be a speaker at the OSBConf on the 26 September 2018 in Cologne, Germany.

  1. Latest Development findings – are your newest findings indeed new?
  2. Real world implementation – do you think your ideas and thoughts can be implemented? if you do, then the OSBConf is the right place to share your thoughts with people from the open source community
  3. Solution for improvement – do you think there are better solutions for the existing systems?
  4. OS backup solutions – do you know of the latest development related to OS backup applications such as Bareos, Rear and Amanda?
  5. Exchange ideas – do you enjoy meeting new people and exchanging experiences with fellow open source enthusiasts?

Does the list appeal to you? Then here you go: Submit your proposal until June 15, 2018.
Early bird Tickets are also available up to June 15. So grab your ticket and join us at the OSBConf 2018 in Cologne.

Keya Kher
Keya Kher
Creative Designer

Keya ist seit Oktober 2017 in unserem Marketing Team. Sie kennt sich mit Social Media Marketing aus und ist auf dem Weg, ein Grafikdesign-Profi zu werden. Wenn sie sich nicht kreativ auslebt, entdeckt sie andere Städte oder schmökert in einem Buch. Ihr Favorit ist “The Shiva Trilogy”.