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Icinga Camp Berlin 2018 – #Monitoringlove

von | Jan 23, 2018 | Events, Monitoring & Observability, Icinga, Technology

We hope to see you on March 8, 2018 in the Capital of Germany, Berlin.
Traditionally, we start our Icinga Camp in 2018 with the Current State of Icinga.
Afterwards, there will be much more talks of community members and brilliant contributors. Don’t miss this unique day full of #Monitoringlove!
What awaits you: 

  • Automated Monitoring in heterogeneous environments | Thomas „Father of the Director“ Gelf
  • How does Symbotic uses Icinga in monitoring an extensive infrastructure? | Bas Nap
  • Dev and Ops Stories: Icinga Integrations and its possibilities | Michael Friedrich (Austrian guy with these yummy Dragee-Keksi)
  • Getting Windows to play along | Michael Medin
  • Extending Icinga Web 2 | Eric Lippmann
  • And much more!!

After the presentations, theres also enough time to discuss and of course to drink one or another G&T ? !
Just a few weeks left, so make sure to grab yout ticket before we run out of seats!

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