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Override Vagrant Config Locally

von | Dez 7, 2017 | Automation

We are using Vagrant for most of our projects in order to provide the work environment for all people involved in the project. One of the things that we think is missing, is the option to easily override the Vagrant config locally. Developers could of course just change the Vagrantfile but this is not quite handy if it is managed via Git for example. Recently we came across the idea to include a local Vagrantfile if it exists:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  # ...
  if File.exists?(".Vagrantfile.local") then
    eval(IO.read(".Vagrantfile.local"), binding)

This allows us to extend or override any Vagrant config in the file .Vagrantfile.local which developers exclude from Git. If you want to add a synced folder for example, the file could look like the following:

config.vm.synced_folder "../icingaweb2-module-director",
config.vm.synced_folder "../icingaweb2-module-businessprocess",
Eric Lippmann
Eric Lippmann

Eric kam während seines ersten Lehrjahres zu NETWAYS und hat seine Ausbildung bereits 2011 sehr erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Seit Beginn arbeitet er in der Softwareentwicklung und dort an den unterschiedlichen NETWAYS Open Source Lösungen, insbesondere inGraph und im Icinga Team an Icinga Web. Darüber hinaus zeichnet er für viele Kundenentwicklungen in der Finanz- und Automobilbranche verantwortlich.
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