Visual Studio has several source code edit settings. This defaults to 4 spaces and no tabs by default and is slightly different to what we use in Icinga 2. There we put focus on tabs in our code style.
Editing the Icinga 2 source code on Windows with Visual Studio requires adjusting the editor settings. Navigate into Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# and C++ and adjust the settings to “Keep tabs”.

I accidentally forgot to specify these settings for C# too, and had the problem that half of the Icinga 2 setup wizard code had 4 spaces instead of tabs. Luckily I’ve found this blog post which sheds some lights in the comments.
Hit Ctrl+H to open the replace search window. Tick the icon to use regular expressions and search for “((\t)*)([ ]{4})”. Add “\t” as replacement text.

Happy coding for Icinga 2 v2.8 – ready for OSMC 🙂