If you don’t grab your ticket for the Open Source Backup Conference from September 25 – 26,  you will definetely miss:

  • two days together with members of the lovely open source community
  • in-depht workshops to gain valuable expertise (BAREOS Introduction, Puppet for BAREOS and Scripting BAREOS)
  • latest developments and technical background
  • strategic presentations
  • top class speakers such as Martin Loschwitz (T-Systems), Didac Oliveira (Brain Updaters, SSL), Dr. Stefan Vollmar (Max Planck Institute) and Maik Aussendorf (BAREOS GmbH&Co.KG)
  • empirical reports
  • best practices and case studies
  • a relaxed evening-event to get in touch with the other attendees

Don’t miss your last chance to attend the OSBConf 2017 in Cologne. We’re looking forward to welcome you in Cologne!