OSMC 2017 | The worldwide leading conference on open source monitoring solutions
November 21 to 24 | Nuremberg

In part 2 of the Blopgseries “OSMC – Stay tuned” we want to give you a short overview of the OSMC workshops on November 21.

  1. Icinga 2 – Distributed Monitoring | SOLD OUT
  2. Timeseries and Analysis with Graphite and Grafana
  3. Ansible – Configuration Management
  4. Elastic Stack – Modern Logfile Management

What makes the OSMC unique?
The bilingual conference focuses on the latest trends and developments on open source monitoring solutions and offers a unique opportunity to meet the open source community and to gain valuable expertise. The conference offers Interesting talks with a real benefit for the attendees, as well as hands-on workshops to expand your knowledge and monitoring know- how.
Due to the great success in the past two years, we are again offering a hackathon, which is bookable as an add-on.

We’re very excited and would be happy to welcome you in November!

And now, have a look at “Take care of your logs” by Jan Doberstein, who is also part of OSMC 2017