Until June 30, all interested speakers are invited to submit their proposals for a talk via the conference website at www.osbconf.org.
There’s an experience or some latest developments you’d like to share with other open source enthusiasts?
We’re searching for technical talks with a real benefit for our participants such as latest developments related to BAREOS and BACULA, as well as user experiences, case studies, best practices and tools.
The Europe-wide leading Open Source Backup Conference will take place in Cologne for the 9th time and focuses on Open Source Backup Software.
The OSBConf is the ideal platform to gain latest know how and to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments on open source backup software.
On September 25, there will be three in-depht workshops on the topics „Puppet“, „Bareos Introduction“ and „Scripting Bareos“. In the evening, there’ll be a relaxed evening event to meet each other.
We would be happy if you submit a talk and become part of the Open Source Backup Conference 2017.