We hereby proudly present our new OSDC-App! Everything that you need to know can be found in it. The program, the evening event, the workshops, directions and information on the speakers. In the OSDC- App you will find everything an attendee may desire. Except from food, but you will get that in the hotel.
Apart from the great new App we have loads of OSDC-news for you! The conference takes place soon, so it is definitely about time that we explain why you should come to Berlin, and what makes the OSDC so special.
The first day launches off with three workshops:

Graylog – Centralized Log Management | Terraform – Infrastructure as Code | Mesos Marathon – Orchestrating Docker Containers

We emphasize the importance of small groups, limited to 12 persons, to ensure an optimal learning atmosphere. Thereby the coaches are able to react to individual needs and requests.
The second and third conference- day are fully packed with top-notch talks. Among others the companies Elastic, Chef, CoreOS, RedHat, Hashi Corp and Travis CL will be represented. Here a small taste of our program:

Seth Vargo (Hashi Corp)| Modern Secrets Management with Vault
Mandi Walls (Chef)| Building Security Into Your Workflow with InSpec
Casey Callendrello (CoreOS) | The evolution oft he Container Network Interface
Monica Sarbu (Elastic) | Collecting the right Data to monitor your infrastructure
James Shubin (RedHat) | Mgmt Config: Autonomous systems
Mathias Meyer (Travis Cl) | Build the Home of Open Source Testing, Without the Datacenter

In the evening of the second conference day, there will take place a special evening event , which gives a special charm to the conference. There will be enough time to review the day and meet each other for interesting discussions.
And of course many many more! The other speakers can be found on www.osdc.de and of course in our fabulous app!