Monitoring Windows systems can be quite a hassle without the right tools. While Icinga 2 comes with a few check plugins for Windows, sadly they only allow for the most basic monitoring. A tool which is often used for this reason is NSClient++ (NSCP). This little extendable GPL software uses its own checks and even comes with a fully functioning web interface.

The monitoring view of the NSCP Web interface

The monitoring view of the NSCP Web interface

But there are problems with this solution in that it does not work with Icinga 2 out of the box and a few tweaks are necessary. To ease working with these two tools I have written a new Icinga 2 Windows Plugin “check_nscp”, which works like check_nt only that is is less restrictive in its parameters and allows for any NSCP Query to be used.
The following is an example Icinga 2 config which uses check_nscp to monitor the memory used by the Icinga 2 process.

object CheckCommand "nscp-memory-proc" {
    import "nscp-windows"
    vars.nscp_win_query = "check_process"
    vars.nscp_win_args = [
apply Service "icinga-mem" {
	import "generic-service"
	check_command = "nscp-memory-proc"
	vars.nscp_memory_proc_proccess = "icinga2.exe"
	vars.nscp_memory_proc_warn = "70m"
	vars.nscp_memory_proc_crit = "200m"
	assign where == NodeName

This requires the CheckCommand for check_nscp which will be released together with check_nscp in one if the coming Icinga 2 Versions.

Diana Flach
Diana Flach

Geboren und aufgewachsen in Bamberg kam Diana, nach einem Ausflug an die Uni, als Azubi zu NETWAYS. Dort sitzt sie seit 2014 im Icinga 2 Core Entwicklungsteam.