After catching up on some sleep, we stowed our things away and reviewed the days in Berlin.
The 8th Open Source Data Center Conference took place from april 26th to april 28th in the Mercure Hotel Moa and offered a great and interesting program including some in-depth workshops.
In 25 speaches on various topics, the parcipiants could expanse their knowledge and gain some knowhow.
As always, the food at Moa was great and the attendees could enjoy two relaxed evenings at the hotel. This years evening event on the second day took place at Umspannwerk Ost, an old transformer station, which was reconstruced to a restaurant. We all had an exciting evening and delicious food. But see for yourselves 😉

The next day startet early and coffee enabled us all to listen to the second part of the talks. Before the last two speaches, our Sponsor Thomas Krenn AG startet the lottery and the three winners of SSD’s were really happy. After the conference ended, we stowed all the stuff in our busses, and shortly afterwards the tired, but happy, team was heading home.
We had some awesome days, and we hope all of the participants did, too.
We hope all speakers and attendees had a successful and exciting conference in Berlin, and we would be happy to see you again next year! Mark your calendar: OSDC 2017 | May 16-18

Markus Neder
Markus Neder
Head of Events & Training

Nach langen Jahren in der Hotellerie, hat sich Markus auf die andere Seite geschlagen und leitet nun bei NETWAYS die Event-Abteilung. Seine langjährige Erfahrung als Hotelmeister hilft uns jedes Jahr die beste Konferenz von allen die noch kommen werden zu veranstalten. Wenn er privat nicht mit seinen Kindern unterwegs ist, entspannt er am liebsten bei der Gartenarbeit oder beim Gitarrespielen.