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OSDC 2016 – 8th year of glory

von | Apr 27, 2016 | Events, OSDC

Time flies – 8 years Open Source Datacenter Conference (OSDC) already and now the 3rd time in lovely Berlin.
Kicking off with Dawn Foster’s keynote on Open Source – A job and an adventure gave an interesting insight into Open Source careers and living the spirit. As we do at NETWAYS since 1995 inviting everyone onto our journey and happily organising conferences for talks, chats & some drinks together.
And remember …

"be nice" #opensource @geekygirldawn #osdc pic.twitter.com/M8Q5YD9kPv

— Michael Friedrich (@dnsmichi) April 27, 2016

Next up was Kris talking about Another 7 tools for your #devops stack which is always fun to watch. I couldn’t decide whether to join him or go for Mike Elsmore on NoSQL is a lie … though Daniela approached me and said „go for Mike, it is funny“. And so it was in combination with the interesting technical questions asked.

Pikachu 😀 #osdc #awesome @ukmadlz pic.twitter.com/hYU8nY01Li

— Michael Friedrich (@dnsmichi) April 27, 2016

Tough decisions already in the morning – we’re using CoreOS at NETWAYS too and so I could join Jonathan Bulle on rkt and Kubernetes: What’s new with Container Runtimes and Orchestration … or learning something new, moving away from Puppet and learn about Salt – A Scalable Systems Management Solution for Datacenters by Sebastian Meyer.
A pretty hard one also for the presenters as these talks ended right before lunch break – and as you might know already, food is always so delicious at OSDC.

@mjg59 your work featured at the rkt/kubernetes talk at #osdc pic.twitter.com/7NLEGcZvXf

— mika (@mikagrml) April 27, 2016

Finding a place to chill after lunch (oh, it was delicious) should it now be What’s wrong with my Puppet? by Felix Frank or would I go for learning about some monitoring tasks with Hello Redfish, Goodbye IPMI – The Future of System Management in the Data Center with Werner Fischer. I guess I’m more with Puppet these days, less monitoring admin – and the live demo stuff somehow failed but nice to see David Schmitt helping out.

#osdc trolling the demo gods, @felis_rex starts to live-code ruby in the shell pic.twitter.com/Jl4nkEXZjA

— David Schmitt (@dev_el_ops) April 27, 2016

Ever since Elastic announced their Beats toolstack I wanted to learn more about it. I was pretty sad that I couldn’t join Elasticon earlier this year. So I was eagerly waiting for Monica Sarbu telling me more about Unifying Log Management and Metrics Monitoring with the Elastic Beats.

.@elastic #filebeat successor of #logstash forwarder @monicasarbu #osdc /mif pic.twitter.com/uWozj9xx4b

— netways (@Netways) April 27, 2016

Having the Icinga stack in mind with open APIs and such, this shed interesting insights on how to further push integration with Elastic forward. Oh and I definitely need to learn Golang to hack my own beats based on the libbeat library.

I need to learn golang for @elastic #libbeat – sounds awesome thx @monicasarbu #monitoring #osdc pic.twitter.com/TJwi8yDlbr

— Michael Friedrich (@dnsmichi) April 27, 2016

Continuous Integration in Data Centers – Further 3 Years Later with Michael Prokop sounded interesting as well, especially when it comes to Jenkins and Docker integration. Luckily all talks are recorded and made available later in the conference archive so I decided to go for Elastic Beats this time.

Now @mikagrml w/ continuous delivery #osdc 🙂 /mif pic.twitter.com/zbssXyY6U5

— netways (@Netways) April 27, 2016

Martin Schütte gave interesting insights into Terraform: Config Management for Cloud Services. This tool fits into the devops stack HashiCorp has been building over the last years, including Vagrant, Atlas and Otto. MySQL clusters are overly complicated in my (developer) opinion so I didn’t go for MySQL-Server in Teamwork – Replication and Galera Cluster presented by Jörg Brühe. Again one for the archive watchers 🙂

Now Martin Schütte is talking about @hashicorp #Terraform here at #osdc /be pic.twitter.com/Dck11TsW9t

— netways (@Netways) April 27, 2016

ChatOps is becoming more important these days. I’ve already seen Martin’s great talk at Icinga Camp Berlin earlier this year – especially his live demo talking to the Icinga 2 API which makes me a proud developer. ChatOps – Collaborative Communication (or: You cannot not communicate) is definitely something everyone needs to consider and play around with. Especially when it is Open Source.

Keep calm and love APIs #osdc pic.twitter.com/8hhYifp8Mp

— Christoph Mitasch (@CMitasch) April 27, 2016

Heading over from Austria left behind my DNS related past though I’m trying to keep with it. Especially since Jan-Piet is talking about DNS for Developers aka „Everything is a freaky DNS problem“ 😉

.@jpmens with #dns for developers #osdc /mif pic.twitter.com/LsutpiWshu

— netways (@Netways) April 27, 2016

Evening event

Now that we’ve learnt and discussed so much on the first day we are ready for the evening event. This time it located at Umspannwerk Ost which looks nice indeed. Looking forward to delicious food again and later on, some G&T with the OSDC gang 🙂

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