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Open Source Backup Conference – Call for Papers

von | Mrz 8, 2016 | Bacula, Bareos, Events, Icinga, OSBC, Technology

osbconf_sidebar_cfp_200x130The Open Source Backup Conference started it‘s Call for Papers. Interested speakers are invited to submit their proposals via the official event website. Papers will be accepted until June 5th.
The Open Source Backup Conference will take place on September 26 and 27, in Cologne, Germany. The event rates as Europe-wide leading for open source data backup solutions. The two day, English-language summit is dedicated to open source backup software such as REAR, Bacula, Amanda and especially Bareos. The OSBConference is hosted by dass IT and open source specialist NETWAYS.
International IT experts and decision-makers from various industries – such as science and research, education, software development and service providers, media or telecommunication – take this ideal opportunity to exchange experiences and get into in-depth discussions about best practices and the latest know-how in the field of open source backup solutions. In addition to the varied lecture program three hands-on workshops are offered: Bareos Introduction, Monitoring with Icinga 2 and REAR. The workshops will take place on September 26, from 2 am to 6 am.
Early bird tickets will be available until June 5th. For further information about the conference visit osbconf.org.

Pamela Drescher
Pamela Drescher
Head of Marketing

Seit Dezember 2015 ist Pamela Anführerin des Marketing Teams. Mit ihrer stetig wachsenden Mannschaft arbeitet sie daran, NETWAYS nicht nur erfolgreicher, sondern auch immer schöner zu machen. Privat ist sie Oberaufseherin einer Horde von zwei Pferden, drei Kindern und fünf Katzen. Für Langeweile bleibt also keine Zeit!
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