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OSMC 2015: Program online now!

von | Jul 15, 2015 | Events, OSMC

osmc_blog_194x120Open Source Monitoring Conference comes a tiny bit closer every day and even though most of you might think that November 16th is ages away right now, IT IS NOT!
In fact we are just the blink of an eye away from having a drink at Checkpoint Jenny and celebrating the 10th anniversary of our favorite conference. And that’s exactly why you should have a good look at how great this year’s program is. Because now you can see the lineup online, in all of its beauty.
Some of the many highlights are Torkel Ödegaard, the developer of the Graphite Web Interface Grafana or the CEO of OpenNMS Group, Tarus Balog.
Also Alan Robertson, the Founder of Linux-HA (Pacemaker), will show you all you need to know about the Assimilation Project, while Michael Medin (developer of NSClient++) will show how NSClient++ is deployed best and which advantages it has over other monitoring agents.
Also speakers like Florian Forster (collectd project/Google), Fabian Reinartz (Prometheus/Soundcloud) or Tom De Vylder (Inuits) will join us, among many more, to celebrate one decade of OSMC.
So hurry up and get your tickets here!

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