June started with Georg looking for a new home for a used NetApp FAS 3140 we received from a client. The beautiful device is in good condition and can be fetched at our office, if you make a camerasmall donation.
My humble self, told you all you need to know about the Hackathon at OSMC and started the OSMC countdown with the presentation “OSMC 2014: From monitoringsucks to monitoringlove, and back” by Kris Buytaert. I also introduced the complete speaker lineup of Open Source Backup Conference to you.
Dirk introduced you all to Katello, the Foreman Plugin for Softwaremanagement and reported on why you should have a look at it, if you don’t have a provisioning and Configuration Management yet.
And Bernd wrote about what happed at his visit of Open-Stack-Tage in Frakfurt.