If you are still waiting to buy your ticket to this year’s OSDC – for whatever reason – you should now start having sleepless OSDC Logo mit weißem Rand-66nights because the strictly limited tickets might sell out any day now.
You can skip the following paragraph, if having a sleepless night is not an option for you.
To give you some pro tips from somebody who really is an expert in insomnia: the perfect preparation for having a sleepless night is to start the day with panic-fueled running in circles thinking about all the catastrophes that will happen, if you don’t get your ticket yet. You should then pick one catastrophic scenario and start to embellish it in the most horrific way possible. Once this scenario has manifested as the only possible way things just have to evolve in the near future, you can spend the rest of the day worrying about all the possible ways people you love could die, because you haven’t bought your ticket in time. Like for example how your company will go bust, because you missed all the up to date information at OSDC that you will definitely need to do your job right and how that will mean, that you and all your colleagues will lose their jobs and then die slowly and painfully of hunger. By afternoon, you should be in a kind of paralysis already, laying in fetal position under your desk. In this stage of self-deprecation, you really can’t do anything wrong anymore – just go with the flow and worry even more until you finally – it should be morning again by then – come to the conclusion, that the world would be a better place, if you had never been born at all.
So this is the best possible preparation for having the worst sleepless night ever. But there are of course alternatives!
Like for example buying your ticket yet. You can, if you like to draw the process out a bit, have a look at the program first and read all about speakers like Nigel Kersten (Puppet Labs), Mitchell Hashimoto (Vagrant) or Kelsey Hightower (CoreOS). You could then toy with the notion of booking one of the workshops or maybe joining the Puppet Camp. But you can of course book your ticket right away too – just to make sure, that we are not sold out until you finally made a decision.